Friday, December 3, 2021

A Surgeon’s Tale

Roots & Branches

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Michael M. Meguid, M.D., has recently announced that the first volume of his biographical trilogy, entitled “Roots & Branches, A Family Saga Like No Other, has been released on Dr. Meguid is a renowned surgeon, research scientist, writer, editor, and now published book author. 

Dr. Meguid’s life story unfolds as we accompany him throughout his early Egyptian childhood in his birthplace beneath the shadows of the Great Pyramids within the rich green Nile valley, only to be abandoned at the age of four at his German grandparent’s home in the ruin and rubble of post-war Hamburg.  

In the riveting page-turning style of modern storytelling, Dr. Meguid draws on the life experience of navigating between East and West. His rejection, his longing, his yearning is palpable as his immigrant status brands him an outsider wherever he goes, as his parents abandon him, and as he is shipped from one country to another, not knowing the culture, the language, or the customs. 

Submitted Photos

Dr. Meguid’s relentless pursuit of a better life and a better education leads him to England’s most prestigious medical school in 1960s London. He attends University College Hospital Medical School where, despite the name-calling and racial prejudice that he encounters, he earns his medical degree and a surgical scholarship to the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard University.  

This is a personal story of courage and persistence, a journey between countries and cultures. A tale of abandonment, of having to rely on one’s own inner strength. And ultimately, this is a story of a man who finds fulfillment, joy, and success, by navigating a path of his own creation.  

With notes and memories taken from his many journals, hundreds of family letters and photos dating as far back as the mid-1930s, Dr. Meguid’s “Roots & Branches” is truly “A Family Saga Like No Other.”




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