Tuesday, October 26, 2021

A Snapshot View of Goodland Photographer Elisa Cahill

Goodland Life

Goodlander Elisa Cahill, seventh grade reading teacher at Marco Island Charter Middle School (MICMS), grew up in Millbury, Ohio, a small village close to Toledo. Throughout her childhood, she spent a lot of time with her grandparents who were all artistic in their own way. They taught her the joy that accompanies creativity. In 2008, she made the life-changing decision to move to Goodland.

In 2014, Elisa’s son, Cash, was born. Like any mother, she was fascinated at watching his expressions and smiles, but she also found she didn’t have time to do some of the other artistic activities that she used to enjoy (painting wine glasses, shell projects, homemade greeting cards, etc.). So, photography seemed to be something that helped her freeze moments in time with Cash and also feed her inner creativity. Elisa was asked when Cash was baptized to write a letter to him expressing her feelings for him to read later. The letter read, “Cash, you are my light…” Elisa contemplated, “I think back to this now and kind of laugh because he taught me how to observe light… literally! I am so blessed to have him in my life and thankful that he helped me find my passion for photography.”

Elisa uses a Canon Mark 5D IV with a myriad of lenses depending, of course, on the subject that she is shooting. “I really enjoy the challenge of trying to capture genuine human expression. When I look at pictures of people, I can feel if it is a real expression or a posed one, and I would choose the real one every time. This can be tricky because sometimes people would rather see themselves in a posed way, so I have to work with the individual as to what they feel comfortable with, but I like keeping it real,” remarked Elisa.

Photographing wildlife is also a passion of Elisa’s. Numerous bird pictures capturing detail or their movements can be found on her Instagram site (elisacahillphotography). “Birds are also less intimidating than alligators or bears, so I like that, too,” explained Elisa. “Truthfully though, if I see beautiful light, I will find something to photograph. It is so cool how light affects the way things look so much; it continues to captivate me.”

According to Elisa, there is nothing better than trying a new shot and having it be successful! “I have received so much support from the people of Goodland, particularly Jim Freeman and Sherri Morrison who have always gone out of their way to help me. I am also fortunate to have an exceptional, fun-loving family cheering me on and modeling for me,” mused Elisa.

All of Elisa’s nature photography pieces as well as landscape and scenic Goodland villages pieces are available on her Instagram account at elisacahillphotography. Typically, Instagram users have sent her a direct message when they are inquiring about purchasing a piece. Elisa is in the process of developing a website to be more accessible for those who are not familiar with Instagram. Additionally, Elisa’s work is displayed at the numerous arts festivals and fairs in Goodland.

Elisa is available for photo shoots and can be reached at 419-349-7531 via text message or customers can email her at elisacahillphotography@gmail.com. Call her for your next family portrait sitting- you won’t be disappointed!

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