Tuesday, October 19, 2021

A Shuffling of Staff Liaisons

Over the last several months a shuffling of the responsible staff members who support the city’s six different advisory boards and committees has taken place with very little fanfare or notice, well at least not by the general public.

The staff liaisons to these committees serve a vital role in helping each committee to fulfill their responsibilities in advising the city council in their areas as assigned.

Some of those faces have stayed the same, but a few have changed.

Now that Guillermo Polanco has returned to his role as the city’s Director of Finance, he will again be working with the city’s Audit Committee.

The Beach and Coastal Resources Advisory Committee will now be working directly with MIPD Captain David Baer, who also oversees the community’s Code Enforcement effort. Given some of the recent developments regarding the destruction of valuable berms along the beach and attacks on native species habitats and those species themselves, this change may be valuable to that group.

Tonia Selmeski, the city’s new Environmental Planner will be working alongside the members of the Beautification Committee as they strive to improve the look of the island and maintain its quality appearance and educate the public as to how better understand local horticultural needs.

Samantha Malloy, the Parks and Recreation Manager for the city will be the contact point for the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee. Malloy has been deeply involved in both the new Mackle Park Community Building project and the work being undertaken regarding a viable plan for Veterans Community Park.

The Planning Board will continue working with Daniel Smith, the Director of Growth Management and Community Affairs as they handle their normal review of plans and begin to embark on work regarding a review of the City’s Land Development Plan.

The Waterways Advisory Committee will benefit from the knowledge and experience of Jason Tomassetti the city’s new Stormwater Engineer. His technical experience and the committee’s focus on ensuring the waterways around the island are given the appropriate attention will be invaluable as the city creates an action plan to improve and protect our waters.

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