Thursday, January 20, 2022

A Sense of Urgency

Pastor William Beebe (Photo by Jeane Brennan)

Pastor William Beebe (Photo by Jeane Brennan)

At times the responsibilities and obligations of life seem overwhelming and I wonder how those who are so active in work, in the community, and within the family do it.  How do they get it done?  What is their secret?  Keith Dameron, VP-Manager of Iberia Bank, is active in the community and volunteers untold hours graciously.  I asked Dameron how he manages his time. He replied, “I treat everything with a sense of urgency.”  He said, “For example, I respond to every email with importance, immediately.  One email is no less important than the other.”

Seeing our goals and priorities of life unfold successfully as we take steps and make choices with a sense of urgency is an exciting concept.  When we made our new year’s resolutions for 2010, oh, seemingly so long ago, we made lists of items that we hoped would give us a new hold on life.  We want to be better, slimmer, stronger, richer, and happier.  Delving deeper in becoming a better person could also mean to withhold judgment towards others; to be slimmer could be interpreted as desiring to be more fit in health and in mind; to be stronger in spirit; richer in appreciation; happier and content in how we view our lives are all possible if we strive for our goals, whatever they may be, with a sense of urgency, with a sense of importance.

Our habits that do not enhance life or even those obligations which we embrace, oft times seem to override that list we made at the beginning of the New Year.  Becoming more healthy, to be a better person, to become less passive in the community in which we live necessitates changing our choices and changing our deep rutted habits.  At the end of 2009 I asked our spiritual leaders in the Marco Island community this question: ”What is your spiritual resolution for the New Year?  What steps, or actions, are you setting for yourself to live an even more and deeper spiritual life?”

Pastor William Beebe of Wesley United Methodist Church of Marco Island responded to my deep hearted question and shares his Spiritual Resolutions for 2010 with the readers of the Coastal Breeze News:

“Teaching spiritual formation is one of my goals for 2010.  I want to sharpen how I understand spiritual formation in order to teach it.  To do that I read my devotional book daily, and also, ‘Longing for God’ by Richard Foster and Gayle Beebe.  I then read scripture related to my daily readings.  ‘Longing for God’ highlights the great heroes of the Christian faith from the foundation of Christianity.  I also set a goal of reading scripture and praying daily for renewed leadership for Wesley United Methodist Church. We are blessed to have Betsy Francis, our new Christian Education/Discipleship Director, to help in developing new leadership.

God is always surprising me. He is forever in my life. I keep looking for where God is at work and then adjust myself to his love. Keeping a sharp eye on God’s activities is critical. Distinguishing between God’s direction and other people’s desires or requests is challenging because they are, at times, closely related.  If the event, the issue, the program is God driven there are no strings attached. Issues which involve egos and personalities cause conflict and separation.  Keeping my eye on God is the second part of my New Year’s resolution.”

Many thanks to Pastor McCulley and Pastor Beebe for responding to my New Year’s Resolution  question.  May the sense of urgency and peace of mind be the stronghold for each step in realizing all our dreams, all our hopes, and all our aspirations.

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