Wednesday, January 19, 2022

A season of “Joy”




C. Scott Campbell

he holiday season represents a renewed sense of personal reflection to many and a focus on joy and celebration to even more. A time when the media and public consciousness seems to center on the “joy” of the season as each of us finds ourselves emotionally moved by demonstrations of care and compassion— on television, at home, and in our communities. “Joy” seems to be everywhere.

Though the concept of joy takes on a profoundly impactful meaning this time of year, the joy of serving the patient population is our very purpose at Physicians Regional from each January through each December. This is not just true for the healthcare professionals within our hospital and new clinic on Marco, but also for all those throughout our community who have made compassionate care their life’s work.

To me and so many more, caring for others is a joyful calling—our purpose in life. Yes, each holiday season seems to renew the passion of the heart of man. However, at Physicians Regional, our hearts are open to caring for the great people of this community 365 days a year. defines joy as “a source or cause of keen pleasure or delight; something or someone greatly valued or appreciated.” We at Physicians Regional define joy as the ongoing celebration of our commitment of service to the people of Marco Island and East Naples. The joy of caring for the patients, from newborn baby to adult, who rely on us to keep their family strong and healthy. However, in our definition of joy, words like “greatly valued” and “appreciated” reflect our view of the community who has so warmly embraced us.

I also have great appreciation for my Physicians Regional colleagues who will spend part of their holiday caring for those whose medical needs must take priority regardless of the time of year. This includes our dedicated doctors, nurses, clinicians, and hospital administrators who will ultimately celebrate with other people’s family members alongside those who needed them the most: the patients. I find tremendous personal joy in working with these extraordinary men and women every day.

My appreciation is also extended to the EMTs, Fire and Rescue, and Ambulance service teams who will always be there if we need them, holiday or no holiday.

But mostly, my joy comes from the patients who entrust their care to us each day. And to each family we touch, I offer an ongoing promise that my colleagues at Physicians Regional will continue to commit their time and energy toward providing the best patient care possible.

C. Scott Campbell is CEO, Physicians Regional Healthcare System-Collier Boulevard. You may reach him by contacting 

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