Monday, January 24, 2022

A Really Great Great-Granddaughter



Dear Elizabeth,

You’re far too young to appreciate the joy you have already brought to your great grandparents. Like all geezers we think you are the best example of great grandchild the world has ever known. The difference, of course, is that we are right. (In about ten years you’ll probably be saying: “Yeah, so totally right!”).

We suppose there are other great granddaughters who take swimming and ballet lessons at age 3 ½, but clearly no others show the unbridled joy and skill you have. None! When you put on your “swimmies” and jump in the pool the waters part just for you. That’s only happened once before, and that was in biblical times. You’re well on your way to being a prima ballerina, as well as chef, painter, comedian, and all ‘round raconteur. Your grace and skill as you jump around in dance class marks you as something special. You are simply destined for great things.

Your trip to the zoo astonished all of us. What other 3-½ year old knew the difference between a bear and an elephant? How many other little kids brought home a stuffed penguin?

When your great grandma told you that your great grandpa was asleep you cleverly asked: “Was he cranky?” What perception! The fact that we can only understand about three of each seventeen of your words on the ‘phone obviously means you are talking in code far beyond our comprehension. We do admit that we tremble at the knowledge that in about five more years you’ll know far more about computers, texting, tweeting, twittering and other “ings” than we have accumulated in two long lifetimes.

You’ve discovered in a remarkably short time that the guy, or gal, in the brown suit driving the brown truck is extremely important. He – or she – is second only to Santa in the gift pecking order. That brown truck means “the box man” has arrived with something for Elizabeth, and it happens a lot more than once a year.

Above all else we appreciate that, at your rather young age, you already understand the importance of kindness, generosity and turning away from bias and prejudice. These are the things that stamp you in life, far more than athletics, art and even academics. We hope that you continue on your way to making your world a better place. Maybe, someday you’ll come across a faded, yellowed copy of this letter. Did they really mean what they wrote, you’ll wonder? Of course we do. Even though all great grandparents know their offspring (so far removed) are the finest, there’s one major difference. We know we’re right

Your doting and loving great grandparents.

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