Tuesday, October 19, 2021

A move made sense for Makeup Scents

Lillian stands behind the counter with a huge selection of perfumes and colognes. Photos by Val Simon

Lillian stands behind the counter with a huge selection of perfumes and colognes. Photos by Val Simon

The Makeup Scents store at Naples Outlet Center had been one of the most popular stores in the complex. “So many of our regular customers were coming from Marco Island anyway it made sense to move to the island. We had an opportunity to open at the Esplanade so we made the move,” said Lillian Mead, Makeup Scents owner/manager.

Lillian had called Prime Outlets, now the Naples Outlet Center, home for many years. “I worked with Jones New York for 12 years. Then, I owned and operated Makeup Scents at that location for another 10 years.” The youngest of six children, Lillian moved to Marco Island 30 years ago from Connecticut.

Lillian states, “95% of my customer base is



Marco Islanders. The long-lasting LipSense by SeneGence line is extremely popular with my regular customers, as is our mineral-based line of make-up. We carry an entire Elizabeth Arden line, perfume, men’s cologne, Key West Aloe, Tressallure hair pieces, hats, scarves, pocketbooks, jewelry and more. We negotiate with nearly 40 different wholesalers in order to bring our customers the very latest, most fashionable merchandise at the lowest prices. Whether you’re looking for something for yourself, or wanting a gift for someone special, you can find the perfect item here at Makeup Scents!”

In her spare time, Lillian enjoys painting. “This is one more reason the Esplanade was a great choice for us. I am exposed to fellow artists at



the Art Colony here and the ambiance is conducive to art. Most of the paintings I create have a religious theme, some have been shown at churches in the area during religious holidays.” Her work on display also includes a landscape theme, quaint scenes and even self-portraits.

“We’ve downsized from 2800 square feet to 720 just to be in this location,” Lillian says. “It simply means we’ve packed more bargains per square foot than before! We’re finding a few different trends, as an example, there are more people at the Esplanade in the evening so we will stay open later for their convenience. We appreciate the loyalty of our regular customers and know they will find us. We look forward to welcoming new customers and winning over their loyalty as well!”


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