Saturday, October 23, 2021

A Marco Island Prayer

Dear Lord,

I would like to thank you for the small joys of this day

For the silky blue of the sky, for the hot sun

For the white puffy clouds

For the letter in which it said: “I will pray for you”

I want to thank you for life and our health

For your love and goodness

To us each day

And for watching over us during the night

Thank you for the soft sound of the rustling palm leaves,

For the fragrance of the jasmine and the blooming gardenia

For the bright beauty of a hibiscus blossom,

For the flaming red of the bougainvillea

I want to thank you Lord, for the gentle sound of the waves

Against the seawall

The glitter of the sun on the water

And the magnificent sunsets

Thank you for the beauty of the seagull in flight

And the flight of the pelicans overhead

For your gift of this little piece of paradise

Here for us on Marco Island!

For ALL these joys I want to thank you


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