Wednesday, December 1, 2021

A Luncheon & A Marriage

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Photo by Donna FialaC

I’m sure that many of you have heard of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) and some of you might even be a DAR, or a SAR (Sons). It’s a proud organization and very patriotic. I’m hoping to become a member at some time, but there is a long list of information they need to qualify, so it might take a year or two. The people I’ve met are just great! They are the Big Cypress Chapter. My friend Angie Davis and I went to their luncheon recently, which is held at a different restaurant every meeting, and this time we went to a tiny little place I’d never heard of called Saigon to Paris. Of all things, it was in the Industrial Park off Airport Rd. I’d never seen that restaurant before, so I was very interested. I’m sure you’ve heard of Brigitte Smith, a French lady who has devoted a great part of her time here in Collier County to History! She loves everything about history, and until a change of guard took over last year in the County Museum Department, she was extremely active in the Collier County Historical Society and volunteered regularly in the museums. She didn’t care if the museum was on Marco Island, in East Naples or in downtown Naples, she volunteered regularly, even if it was in Immokalee! She seemed to live, eat and breath history! Well, she’s also a DAR, wouldn’t you guess. When the French Consulate comes to Naples, she is always there to greet them and knows them well! But today I want to tell you about this little restaurant she took us to. It has only been open for four months, and tucked in the middle on an industrial district, but even though it was a Sunday evening, the small place was busy, people coming and going, and it was so clean……….SO CLEAN!…………that it almost sparkled! I was surprised to see some business people I know well drop in to pick up pastries or food for home on Sunday. They are open 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and closed on Wednesdays. They have a number of pastry items all ready to select in their covered cases, but the lunches and dinners are prepared on the spot when you order! The place looks like it can hold about 30 people. Nothing fancy about this place, but the staff was so friendly and welcoming. This is even worth a trip from Marco Island or Isles of Capri or North Naples. One fella I know, and a great guy who owns a large restaurant, said “Hi Donna”, and he was there to buy pastries. You can’t beat ‘em! Sooo Fresh!! The owner of Saigon to Paris is Danny Tham, and the address is 3915 Arnold Ave. His email address is Danny was born in Saigon and when he was young his family moved to France, and then later migrated to the USA. He was speaking in French to the people in one party. Also speaks perfect English. 

*My granddaughter Samantha Holcombe married the love of her life (Jef Mills) this past Saturday. Naturally, our whole family came to town, if they didn’t already live here, and we had a very special wedding outside in a gorgeous garden (so glad it wasn’t a rainy day) and then proceeded to her father’s place across the street, and what a fine celebration we had! I need to include a picture of her parents: Kyle Holcombe and Sherri (my daughter) Holcombe standing behind the couple as they were being married by another daughter, Deb Cross. It’s too special a picture to keep to myself. It brought tears to all our eyes as the two couples held hands in reflection of each other during the ceremony. Afterward we went to her father’s home and held the celebration of a lifetime! There was so much love surrounding the whole event! And of course, everywhere I looked there was a Fiala! You know I have five marvelous children, and they were all there in support of their sister. And they all danced and sang and cheered and had a great old time. Most just came from around Florida, but that can be a long drive here in Florida, and one flew in from Albany, N.Y. The next day was Easter Sunday, so we all gathered at my house for an Easter Dinner of Honey Baked Ham & Scalloped Potatoes, an assortment of vegetables, and left-over wedding cake.



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