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A Little Legendary




Nate Augustus

Howdy do! Hope everybody had a peaceful holiday and you’re still sticking to your resolutions. 2013 is here whether ya like it or not, and with it comes tourist season (honk!), stone crab season (mmmm) and “playing music” season (yeeeaow!). This tweek, Music Notes will be visiting one of Gator Nate’s oldest haunts. The legendary Little Bar sits smack dab in the middle of downtown Goodland as it has for, well, longer than I’ve been around at least. Some say size matters, but when it comes to quaint, cozy, and sometimes wildly crazy local bars in this area that bring in interesting music on a nightly basis, with a crowd to match, few establishments can come close to the Little Bar. The lounge is generally dimly lit and is no more than 20×20’, but

SUBMITTED PHOTOSJanuary 11th 8pm, GatorNate will be performing at the Little Bar in Goodland.

SUBMITTED PHOTOSJanuary 11th 8pm, GatorNate will be performing at the Little Bar in Goodland.

there is just something about it.

CBN_B6-16As a working entertainer, who spends a good amount of time singing in bars and restaurants, I can tell you how nice it is to play at places that are hospitable to their musicians. From how you’re greeted to how they feed you to how hard it is to get a cold beer in the middle of your set, all affects the performance. It’s a nice feeling that the bartenders and waitstaff are actually trying to talk up the entertainment, ‘cuz let’s face it, I need all the help I can get.

Goodland, and the Little Bar in particular, is run on that principal. Simple. Southern hospitality. That’s why I enjoy pouring my heart out there, because, who knows, I might even be a tad appreciated as a



fresh change of tempo among all the awesome musicians who pass through on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. They keep it fresh, with their staple acts, and also by bringing in national touring musicians on there way to Miami or the Keys.

As I read the latest edition of the “Little Bar News,” I see they claim Goodland is home to crabbers, grabbers, gabbers and stabbers, no more seinors, just insaners, plainers plotters, pirates, pickers and grinners, sinners and seamen and men with no reason in the tropical season…. Among them, I will be playing my brand of original country swamp rock and having a hoot, TONIGHT, as a matter of fact, if your reading this on January 11th… About 7:00 PM and crankin’ till at least midnight. Come see what you’ve been missing!

Some of the musicians and bands that have graced the

The Wholetones are set to play on January 18.

The Wholetones are set to play on January 18.

Little Bar with music over the years are JP Soars and the Red Hots, Joey Gilmore Band, Matt Hill Blues Band, Raiford Starke, Damon Fowler, Merrill Allen, Left on Red, Reverend Raven and The Chain Smoking Altar Boys, Bus Fulla Monkeys with Tommy Bell, The Wholetones, Ben Prestage, The Gladezmen, J Robert and Friends, Frank Corso and the Spoonful Blues Band, Smokin Joe and Konnie, Steve Arvey, Mike Quick and The Soul Power Band, Betty Fox Band, Swinging Harpoon Band, Rosie Ledet and the Zydeco Playboys, Lil’ Malcolm, Candye Kane, Brent Moyer, Gator Nate, Rockin Jake, Dian Ward, Todd Wolfe Band, Kettle of Fish, Biscuit Miller, John Lissi and the Delta Funk, Brandon Santini, Daddy Mack Blues, Victor Wainwright, The Nighthawks, Josh Garrett, Joel Disilva and The Midnight Howl, Panama Red, Denny Breau, Bryan Lee and The Blues Power Band, John Lowbridge, Tommie
The Raiford Starke Band performs on January 12 and 26.

The Raiford Starke Band performs on January 12 and 26.

D, Sal, Pete Merrigan, Big Dick (Richard) and the Extenders, Lil Bryan and the Zydeco Travelers, Cassie Taylor and the Soul Cavalry, Tripleshot with Ryan Darling, Bruce Isaacson, Matt Wahl, Michael Charles , Debbie Davies Band, The Shack Daddy’s, Bonefish Johnny, Karen Lovely, Davina and the Vagabonds, Peter Karp and Sue Foley and a whole lot more.

Keep your ears peeled for great musical offerings this season from The legendary Little Bar! Check out the upcoming music schedule at

See y’all tonight!


Nate Augustus is a native “Florida cracker” and a singer/songwriter from the Marco/Naples area. His band, “Gator Nate & The Gladezmen” and his “One-Man-Band” can be seen at many local venues. He has released multiple albums on his record label “SwampSong”. For more info on Nate and his musical doings, go to or His latest CD “Gator Nate Augustus-Only Child Family Band” is available on CDBaby and Itunes.

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