Saturday, November 27, 2021

A Little Kindness to Those in Blue

Photos by Steve Stefanides | Patti Murray is the gal to the far right in the picture with Nancy and her daughter Elizabeth.

Although it seems the world is spinning out of control at times where negativity is abundant, it nice to know that here on Marco that you have people working to make it a better place on a daily basis.  

It can be disheartening for those that work in law enforcement today as they leave their homes every morning or evening to work their shifts and attempt to maintain the proper perspective on the job. 

Although Marco Island may seem like an oasis in the middle of all the disruption going on, officers here can at times be overwhelmed with news from agencies they had previously worked in before coming to Marco Island and leaving friends behind. 

That’s why when two of Nancy Clark’s customers came in a week ago and told her they wanted to do something nice for the Marco Police Department, they had come to the right place. Clark and her daughter Elizabeth immediately bought into the idea. Elizabeth had just graduated from Florida Atlantic University and was eager to help her mom until she could find a job in her field. Clark’s partner, Julie Stoller, who also owns the hair salon in the same building was also excited about doing something nice for the department.  

Clark owns Lakeside Eatery on Marco Lake Drive. They opened late last year and were doing fine, that is until the COVID-19 forced many of the eating establishments on Marco Island to close their doors. They were able to reopen just a few weeks ago and have been busy reestablishing the early successes they had seen in the Fall of 2019 like many other businesses. 

With the assistance of their anonymous benefactor, they supplied meals for both shifts of the department one day last week. Their donor explained to the Coastal Breeze News that they just wanted to show their appreciation. “It’s a thankless job most of the time and we just wanted to show our appreciation for all these folks do.” 

Nancy Clark was also quick to comment“We are such a small community, most of us know each other by name. We wanted to be part of doing something good for the department and this gave us a way to show our appreciation for all they do.” 

Lakeside Eatery located at 2 Marco Like Drive and is open at 10:30 AM with a light breakfast fare and until 2 PM for lunch.


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  1. Pat m says:

    We need a lot more of this from right now.
    Im sickened to see whats happening to our police in this country right now.
    I will be heading Lakeside Eatery for breakfast now
    Great article!

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