Wednesday, October 20, 2021

A Fun Way to Help Fight a Rare Cancer

Photos by Don Manley | The Lookin’ For a Cure Fun Walk and Golf Cart Run is set for February 29 in Goodland.

Loren Seaman’s life mission is to raise awareness about a rare, incurable eye cancer that results in half of its victims developing fatal metastasesOcular Melanoma. 

Helping to raise the disease’s profile, as well as support its sufferers and needed research, is the purpose of a fundraiser Seaman has organized for February 29th in Goodland, the Lookin’ For a Cure Fun Walk and Golf Cart Run.  

Set for Rare Disease Day, the one-mile walk and golf cart ride will include raffles, prizes, live music by Billy J. and the Big Easy, and food, including Royal Scoop Homemade Ice Cream. People are asked to bring nonperishable food items for the Our Daily Bread Food Pantry, which will have a table there, as will the YMCA of South CollierMarco and The Lighthouse for the Blind in Naples.  

There’ll also be a photo booth, “Decorate Your Golf Cart” and eye patch decorating contests, and “different games that show you how the visually impaired see the world,” said Seaman, a Goodland resident who is also an Ocular Melanoma survivor. She is the director of advocacy A Cure in Sight, a North Carolina-based nonprofit dedicated to ocular melanoma awareness, helping those with the disease find and pay for treatments and funding research.  

The event will be educational for participants, but not at the expense of fun, noted Seaman, who created the Lookin’ For a Cure Fun Walk and Golf Cart Run, with the intention it will be held annually. She was searching for an idea for a fundraiser and wanted to hold it where she lives “because Goodland’s such a supportive community.” Seaman considered a 5K run before deciding to hold an eyepatch walk because she’d had to wear one for a while,  

“Walk a mile with our sight and you can see what it’s like for us with Ocular Melanoma and how we see the world,” she explained. “We’ll have burgers and chips and water and try to make it a fun couple of hours.”  

Registration is at 10 AM and the walk starts at 11. The event will end at about 2 PM.  

Ocular Melanoma is so rare that only 2,500 people a year are diagnosed with it. The initial tumor is nearly always treatable, but the cancer metastasizes in about 50% of people who are diagnosed.  

“First it metastasizes in the liver, then the lungs and then to the brain and stomach,” explained Seaman. “Once it metastasizes to the liver, there’s no cure. So we’re trying to raise awareness and to get people to get to their eyes dilated every year with a comprehensive eye exam because people don’t know about it.”  

The 1st Annual Lookin’ For a Cure Fun Walk and Golf Cart Run will be held at MarGood Harbor Park in Goodland, at 321 Pear Tree Ave. To register, visit For more information about the event, contact Loren Seaman at 561-459-7437 or For more information about A Cure In Sight, visit  

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