Monday, November 29, 2021

A Full Plate for City Council in the Year Ahead

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By Steve “Stef” Stefanides

The Marco Island City Council has before it a number of challenges and opportunities as it enters 2017. Those members and city staff will have their plates full during the next several months. With the election behind us, the task of governing is now front and center, as a myriad of decisions face the newly constituted board.

Amongst those items members will find the following:

  • Amending the Rules and Procedures for City Council as proposed by Chairman Honig.
  • How to proceed regarding the city manager’s evaluation.
  • The debate as to whether move forward to petition the Board of County Commissioners to obtain a COPCN (Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity) as suggested by consultant last month in regards to being able to provide our own emergency transport ambulance capability.
  • How to proceed regarding the development of Veterans Community Park.
  • The eventual debate regarding how to proceed with revisions to the Land Development Code and whether to proceed to Phase II of that project utilizing the same consultant.
  • The LDC issue may morph into a larger discussion on how to handle growth on the island and future development.
  • The debate over “density credits.”
  • How to deal with increasing demands for parking relief throughout the island.
  • The appointment of new members to the various committees and boards.
  • The continued debate with the county over the rebuilding of 92A and the county’s unilateral failure to pay the city $1,000,000 for maintenance of roadways in both 2016 and 2017.
  • The potential appointment of a committee to look at water rates once again.
  • The need to rebuild Station 51 and refurbish Station 50 for the Fire Rescue Department.
  • How to deal with our contractual requirements for sewerage treatment across the bridge in the Mainsail Drive area.
  • How to deal with ongoing capital requirements facing the city, not already addressed by the “bucket plan.”
  • Developing stronger ties with Collier County and a return of some revenue to deal with regional impacts on providing services such as recreation, similar to the City of Naples arrangements.

The daunting task of dealing with these items and more are now before the board, with the challenge of how to deal with them front and center. In addition to these items, individual members have indicated a desire to look at several ordinances presently in place and the establishment of additional advisory boards.

Council meets on the first and third Monday of each month at 5:30 PM in Council Chambers at 51 Bald Eagle Drive, unless otherwise scheduled.

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