Tuesday, November 30, 2021

A Fresh Look at Old vs. New



To Your Health
Scott Lowe
CEO, Physicians Regional-Collier Blvd

As one who grew up in Southwest Florida, I have come to appreciate the balance between “something old and something new”—and not just when it’s part of a wedding celebration.

Though I appreciate the economic benefits of our current surge in development, a part of me—the “native Neapolitan” part—will always enjoy eating at an established, family-owned restaurant or walking the familiar beach adjacent to Naples Pier.

Some things never change, nor would I want them to. However, as is often said: change can be a good thing.

At Physicians Regional, we have an exceptional team of doctors representing a variety of specialties who are employed by our hospital. Plus, we have an even larger group of affiliate members of our medical staff who have chosen Physicians Regional as their “home base” hospital.

While I work with physicians every day, I’m a patient too—and a grateful one at that. Grateful to those physicians who have graced our hallways for well over a decade, but equally appreciative of those who have joined us along the way.

Dr. Anthony Vernava is part of Physicians Regional Medical Group, the multi-specialty group practice affiliated with Physicians Regional Healthcare System. He is a board-certified colorectal surgeon and has been in practice for over 20 years.

Dr. Vernava and I been part of the Physicians Regional family since late in the last decade when we were still the Cleveland Clinic.

As for the advantages of remaining part of Physicians Regional for so long, Dr. Vernava shares: “If I decided to leave and go elsewhere, there would be challenges I don’t know about. At Physicians Regional, I know exactly what to expect. In a different work setting, it would take a very long time to develop relationships to get to the point of where I am

Dr. Vernava –  Leadership Board. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

Dr. Vernava – Leadership Board. SUBMITTED PHOTOS


After all, there’s comfort in the “familiar.” However, there’s no doubt that new physicians bring positive “change” in the form of unique skill sets and organizational manpower—all benefitting our patients.

Dr. Vernava agrees: “Changes in personnel are a good thing—it keeps you sharp. Of course, when new physicians come aboard, everyone has an opportunity to learn something new as well. Plus, you ultimately keep your relationships with physicians who, for example, go into private practice. This enlarges the group of medical professionals you interact with and cross fertilizes the local medical community.”

Most of all, Dr. Vernava and I understand the importance of our commitment to keeping Physicians Regional current with the latest technological advancements. Of course, this can only be achieved by making changes that benefit patients and medical professionals alike.

As CEO of Physicians Regional Healthcare System, I am extraordinarily proud to be associated with each and every doctor who passes through our doors to care for the patients who have so graciously trusted us with their care.

As you cross paths with your doctor today, this week, or in the coming months, take a moment to thank them for all they do for you, your family, and our community at large.

Yes, Physicians Regional Healthcare System is lucky to be home to a large number of skilled men and women; however, regardless of where they choose to practice, each of our local physicians is to be commended for their heroic efforts on behalf of our patient population.

As for accepting change, Dr. Vernava also suggests: “You make the world that you inhabit. Every day, you have to choose how you want the world to be.”

Above all, we are 100% committed to providing the very best healthcare and most positive patient experiences in Southwest Florida. That, my friends, will most assuredly never change.

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