Monday, November 29, 2021


By Ralph Segall and Harvey Brenner 

It was a night to remember. The weather was perfect; Cocktails on the veranda of the Marco Island Marriott Resort, watching the sunset, couldn’t have been choreographed more beautifully (even for those who are so spoiled when it comes to gulf views). For a fleeting moment we had the feeling that at any moment someone would pick up a megaphone and shout “cut” – and we would be directed to leave the “set” for a more ordinary spot.

Dinner was served in a closed section of the ballroom, but big enough to comfortably accommodate everyone. You couldn’t help but be impressed with the environment, the elegant dinner settings and the festive, warm and welcoming ambience created by the committee who saw to it that everyone was quickly and comfortably seated. An ample dance floor and a DJ were ready to accommodate the dancers in the crowd – and I don’t mean playing only “oldie-goldies”. I mean the place was rocking. Age was not a factor. On the dance floor were Bitty and Ellie Bittman, George (90 years young) and Reva Miller and so many others, right there alongside the “young” crowd like Harvey and Maxine Brenner or Roger and Joanne Blau among others.

After a wonderful dinner the co-chairs, Maxine and Harvey Brenner and Joan and Bert Thompson presented the founders Elena Rosner-Fink and Marjorie Seltzer and several of the founding members who attended this historic event a beautifully engraved Jerusalem limestone plaque honoring the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Jewish Congregation of Marco Island (JCMI). This plaque has been permanently installed in JCMI’s Raskin Hall. A great time was had by all who attended.

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