Thursday, October 28, 2021

A feel good place

PHOTOS BY Joanie Fuller

PHOTOS BY Joanie Fuller


Joanie Fuller

I just flew in from Alaska, the “Greatland,” to our tiny island Goodland. Both places are wonderful, but I missed y’all and it feels good to be home.

Since I hadn’t been here for so long, I drove around the island after recovering from jet lag to see if there were any people here. “What would I see?” I asked myself. Marker 8 is the only restaurant open and after all, it is still September and most of the snow birds are not here yet.

So I was really pleased when I did see some folks.

My friend, Gizzy, was bicycling to MarGood Harbor Park – our new park which opened last Spring. Coincidentally I was about to stroll through there myself. So we talked about it a little.

“I keep an eye on this park. It is so beautiful and peaceful, ” Gizzy told me. He’s a great supporter

Dave and Maya Anderson.

Dave and Maya Anderson.

of all things Goodland and he loves living here.

MarGood looked just fine to me and I took a picture looking from the park out to the water. Very peaceful indeed. And I noticed the County had put up a volleyball net for everyone to enjoy. Didn’t see anyone playing though. It was just too hot. Speaking of hot – the heat feels good to me after being in Alaska all summer.

Next I bumped – not literally – into Sandy and Jared over at Rosetta’s house. They were doing one of Goodland’s traditions – visiting, sharing and just plain making people feel good. So I joined them for a few minutes and we had fun chatting about mangoes, summer activities (just so you know, there are none) and when the weather was going to cool off.

Jared guessed and hoped, “Next week.” We all chuckled and thought the cool

Sandy and Rosetta.

Sandy and Rosetta.

down would be several more weeks. But then he reminded himself, “It’s almost time to plant our garden.”

On my way now, I made a new acquaintance. Dave Anderson and his precious five month old little girl were taking a golf cart ride. I just had to stop and meet them. Little Maya is so beautiful and Dave, her dad, told me, “She loves to ride around Goodland in the golf cart.”

So you see, I did find some people and they all love being here in the summer. It’s relaxing, quiet and it just feels like home.

October will come soon enough. All the other restaurants will open, events will be planned and more snowbirds will start arriving. Goodland will continue to shine and be a feel good place for another season.

Joanie Fuller is the President of the Goodland Civic Association. She and her husband of 47 years, David Fuller, are residents of Goodland.

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