Wednesday, October 20, 2021

A Christmas Day Walk

Christmas morning on Marco Island found many of the normal locations eerily quiet and somewhat lacking in human activity. The local hangouts such as Dunkin Donuts were silent, as well as the Publix just around the corner. The Winn Dixie was also closed, but the 7-Eleven was thriving with business.

While a walk around the Esplanade around 10:30 in the morning found a few individuals stretching their legs or taking a quick bike ride, CJ’s on the Bay also had two lone souls there who were preparing for Christmas Dinner at the popular restaurant.

We found Erin Bujalski and her boyfriend who both worked at CJ’s and had volunteered to work that day to allow others to have the time off with their families. Erin, a native of Midland, Michigan was more than happy to be here and Michael Johnson was from Naples originally.

Just enjoying the morning, we ran across three individuals which we spoke with. Peter and Alice are from Scotland, and they were more than happy to speak with us. They were visiting for three weeks here in Florida. They’re later going to move on to the Cayman Islands for another extended stay. Peter was quick to let me know that the “Big Man” from America actually owned a golf course near where they were from, referring to President Trump.

They were spending a little time chatting with Dan Devine, another seasonal visitor to Marco who was from Minnesota. Devine is spending six weeks here before he returns to the chillier temperatures of his home state.

Marie and Art Oxley were also walking around the deserted Esplanade. She had originally owned a place here on Marco, but when the need arose which required they have a “coach-port” for their motorhome they moved to Ft. Myers to find a suitable home.

“I just loved living over there at the Smokehouse Bay Condos. I would walk everywhere. We still spend a considerable amount of time here on Marco and Naples visiting friends,” said Marie Oxley. 

They all asked me when I would be going home to unwrap presents and they smiled when I said we’d be having my sister over and open gifts then. It was so nice to meet such wonderful folks on such a special day.


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