Tuesday, November 30, 2021

A Christmas Carol

By Coastal Breeze News Staff

The Marco Island Charter Middle School put on a musical rendition of A Christmas Carol directed by Karen Raymond, Music Director. Chorus students from all grades and levels sang in the production. Jacob Hartman gave a marvelous performance as the lead character, Ebenezer Scrooge. Other outstanding performances were given by Andrew Smith as Bob Cratchit and Steven Vale as the poor Tiny Tim. More great performers included Brandon Spina as Fezziwig, Emily Orgass as Mrs. Cratchit, Evan Meredith as Peter and Savannah Rose as Martha. The sobering ghosts were played by Miles Carlisle as the ghost of Christmas Past, Elizabeth Clark as the ghost of Christmas Present and Sophie Torres as the ghost of Christmas Future and Alexis Rizzo played Marley’s ghost. Max Rufatt, Kamryn Bertrand, Brenda Perez, Julie Cartwright, Natalie Halbauer, Maddie Forester, Rebecca Gates, Ashley Johnson, Ann Palys and Jenny Smith each played a part in making this a great production.

Overall, the technical and artistic level of the sets, lighting and sound improve each year. This performance was well attended by parents, family and friends, many arriving early to get a good seat. Although the story line may have been familiar, the audience was captivated by the student’s performance.

Technical direction was provided by Rob Eder; set and design by the art class and teacher Shane Totten; costumes by Lely High School and Krystal Blanken. Danielle Pransky was the backstage manager and the backstage set, lights and curtain were handled by Elizabeth Furman. Chloe Huettel did hair and makeup for the actors and Martie Miller taped the performance.

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