Tuesday, October 19, 2021

A challenge for everybody and EVERY BODY!

Janalyn Vanderjagt and Missy Prange are proud Regional Directors.

Janalyn Vanderjagt and Missy Prange are proud Regional Directors.

By Coastal Breeze News Staff

Why does a seemingly vivacious beautiful woman think she needs fitness help? According to Missy Prange (one such vivacious, beautiful woman), it wasn’t something she went looking for, but rather, something she stumbled across.

Missy saw friends on social websites commenting on having a delicious Pina Colada shake early in the day or a Butterfinger shake for lunch. The conversations included comments about having more energy and feeling good, so soon, Missy wanted to know more. What her friends had to say piqued her interest. She heard names like “Body by Vi,” “Visalus” and “a shake mix that tastes like cake mix.” “For me it was about having a higher energy level and feeling good,” commented Missy.

“I knew a girl who graduated a few years ahead of me, Cindy Sanborn. By this point, I knew she was selling the product “Challenge.” I sent her a message asking what it was all about. I was intrigued but hesitant. After all, I help my husband out at the office, I have children to raise, I have my own stuff going on and have a full schedule. I didn’t think I could dedicate the kind of time Cindy and her husband Jeff were dedicating. Of course, she felt I had the capabilities to take it to her level of making a six-figure income. I wasn’t sure I could do that, however, in two months, I made it to Regional Director. I brought in Janalyn Vanderjagt, who also made Regional Director in short time.”

The “Challenge” product sells itself, according to Missy. It is gluten free, lactose free, safe for diabetics, AHA “Heart Healthy” and is safe for children over the age of four. A shake meal replacement plan that is low in sugar, low in carbohydrates and has 23 vitamins and minerals. There are over 365 super recipes online so you can “mix it up” each day and never get bored with it. “The nutritional value in these shakes just blows all the other ‘shake’ plans away. It has a broader nutritional value than the protein powders you buy in the store, so athletes use it as a protein supplement,” explained Missy.

“My personal energy level has doubled since starting the Body by Vi shakes and I love that! I drink two shakes a day, not necessarily as a meal replacement though.” Each person sets their own goals. Do you want to lose weight? Gain weight? Want increased energy?

So, how does Missy promote the “Challenge?” “I can hold a ‘Challenge Party.’ You invite your friends and if you get three people buying kits, your kit is free.”

So what exactly is “The Challenge”? As Visalus company co-founder Blake Mallen, says, “We challenge people to make their health a priority for 90 days. Many unique goals can be achieved in just 90 days.”

There are different “Body by Vi” kits to choose from, each with specific benefits. The basic Balance Kit – a key to nutritional balance; the Core Kit – to support an active lifestyle; the Shape Kit – for kick starting weight loss, a Transformation Kit – for maximum transformation; and the Fit Kit – for taking athletic performance to the next level. Some of the kits contain supplements other than the shake mix. There are other products such as cookies, too.

“The success is that the shakes taste amazing and people love it when they can change up the flavor. Our websites can give you all the information on Visalus and the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge: missyprange.myvi.net, or JanalynV.myvi.net. Janalyn and I recently attended a Regional Success Training in Orlando. Over 3,000 Visalus representatives were there. We received ‘Told U So’ license plates as part of a recognition program. When you get to a certain level, you can either take $300 cash per month or they give you up to $600 credit per month towards the purchase or lease of a BMW. Right now, Body by Vi and Visalus Sciences is the largest and number one weight loss and fitness platform in North America.”

Obviously, a huge part of the success of the program is in their marketing effort. Marketing programs that include free products, trips and cash rewards can be quite effective in promoting a product. The 3,000 attendees in Orlando is small compared to the 18,000 that attended a National Success Training in St. Louis a couple of weeks ago or the 20,000 that attended the annual “Vitality” main event this past July in Miami. The popularity of the program is undeniable. To do your due diligence about the company, please go to www.facts.vi.com. Or, you can contact Missy at 595-0702 or Janalyn at 269-7159.

A challenge to be healthier, more fit and weight conscious is a definite winner regardless.

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