Wednesday, December 8, 2021

A Call to the Community for Help; Your Used Car can Change a Life




B3-CBN-9-18-15-4On a typical day, Marie*(not her real name) is up and about before the sun even rises.

Each day this hard-working single mother spends her mornings dressing, feeding and readying her young children for school. This routine can be challenging, yet she manages it with grace. Once the children are safely at school, Marie faces yet another challenge: how to get to work.

Marie left an abusive relationship with the clothes on her back. She works hard in the restaurant industry to support her children and make a better life for them. When her car broke down she was told it was un-repairable, and it was sent to scrap. Her income is insufficient to purchase a new car. The bus schedule in her area does not accommodate her work hours.

Faced with these challenges, many others would simply give up. But not Marie; she picked herself up, got her hands on a bicycle, and rides it to work each day.




not one to complain, Marie struggles with this challenge in her new life. How does she carry the groceries necessary to feed her family on a bicycle? What happens if one of the children gets sick and needs to see the doctor? How can she get a job outside of her immediate area with only a bike as transportation?

If Marie had a dependable used car, she could make things better for her family not just now -but also in the future. A car would allow her to seek higher wages and training, which in turn will end her current daily struggles.

Marie is motivated to change her life and break the cycle of poverty for her children. She takes part in the St. Vincent DePaul “Paraclete in Action” Program.

The goal of the Paraclete in Action program is not to provide a “quick fix;” it is to create systemic change, by ending the cycle of poverty “one family at a time.”

B3-CBN-9-18-15-3 [/caption] height=”88″ />The program focuses on raising individuals and families to self-sufficiency. Self-sufficiency is defined as the ability to meet expenses without assistance from the community, family or friends, while creating a savings program for life’s unexpected emergencies.

The success of the program is dependent on the individual’s desire to end the cycle of poverty and live a productive, comfortable and self-sustaining life.

Would you consider helping by donating a car for Marie?

St. Vincent DePaul of Naples is a 501 (c)(3) organization that helps the community’s poor, in Naples and Marco Island, with various support needs, including food, rent, utilities and other assistance. Although faith based, St. Vincent DePaul offers help to individuals regardless of religion, sex, race and national origin. Your donation may be tax-deductible.

For more information about how you can help the Paraclete in Action program, please contact Pam Black or Kim Schul at 239-775-1667, or by email: To learn about the many programs at St. Vincent DePaul for our local community in need, visit the website at: www.

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