Sunday, October 24, 2021

A Busy Summer


Have you ever seen such a busy June before? My goodness, this is supposed to be out of season, but we even have to wait in line to get a seat in a restaurant! Absolutely unheard of at this time of year. And there is still so much traffic and heavy traffic at that! I’m sure the businesses can feel the difference that this year has brought, but maybe some of their employees are taking vacation, which is what most people do during slow season. Yes, we can find parking spaces, but you have to search for them. I’m amazed that we even have to wait for two red lights before a green will let us go! And it’s JUNE! By the way, this is a good time to find a rental unit. There are visible rental signs, so get them now while you can. There are many rental units being constructed and many already open for business, but I’ve checked around and there are many, many vacancies yet. My guess is that the cheaper units are not as readily available as are the moderately priced units. Someone would be very smart to publish an electronic rental index for annual and semiannual apartments and homes, according to prices, size, location, etc., and keep it updated… as long as they keep it factual. It’s amazing to see how those figures fluctuate according to interpretation.

  • I heard an interesting quote from someone in the business/realty world saying the reason restaurants won’t come to East Naples is because there aren’t enough roof tops to support restaurants. As I thought about that “fact” I wondered how an East Naples Business – like Naples Botanical Garden, for instance – had 250,000 visitors last year? Hmmmm. And then how does 360 Market – the darling but tiny restaurant on Bayshore (even less roof tops) stay so busy that there is always a waiting line! Maybe Rebecca didn’t read a sign that said she could only be successful with a large number of roof tops… but the customers come from all over! Then on top of that, she builds a wildly successful Food Truck Park! She must not have heard that she can’t be successful because there aren’t enough roof tops. People are looking for a quality place, a fun place, a new and interesting place to patronize. Heck, think of Marco Island – 16,000 residents, and about a hundred marvelous restaurants (well, that might be a little exaggeration there), yet they keep coming! And Marco people, especially during season, come to East Naples to eat as well. I’m sure if the E.N. side of the bridge had a restaurant that was like Fleming’s, they’d even come from the City of Naples! And, I might add – almost every restaurant in the East Naples and Marco area is always brimming with people and they keep on coming! Little Alice Sweetwater’s on Airport Road is never empty… never! Why? Because the food is so good and the atmosphere is fun. And how about the Old Marco Pub? It’s a lively place that people want to frequent! Good food, good music, lots of fun! On Marco, which has much less population than E.N. by the way, they have many restaurants with great food that pleases whatever whim you have that evening. The other night we went to DaVinci’s and had to wait 20 minutes to get in! Yes, it was certainly worth it, but it was Wednesday in the middle of summer! See what I mean? Most of us locals wait until summer to go out to eat except for functions and events and fundraisers during season. I’m on Marco more than I’m home during season! Of course I could choose not to, but who would ever refuse a dinner or event on Marco Island!
  • My family was just in town from Tallahassee last week, and with them are two teenage granddaughters who absolutely loved staying at the Marco Hilton. They were in their glory! The hotel treated them like royalty, which made them feel very important and welcome. (No, they didn’t know they were my grandchildren.) They didn’t even want to leave to go to the Botanical Garden because they loved it so much, but they went anyway, and really loved it there as well.
  • I was quite startled with the 6/25/19 commission vote on the planned hotel which could be located in the Gateway Triangle, the property between US 41E and Davis Boulevard. The developers of the tiny triangular end piece measuring less than two acres, wanted to increase the density by TRIPLE; from 48 units to 150 units within 12 stories, and there is no parking space for even a taxi cab because of the small, limited space. Possibly the new owner was trying to get many more units so that he could sell it for lots more money… and the commissioners said YES! It was a vote of four to one to allow the increase to happen! I said there isn’t even a place to park except to build an underground (two feet above sea level) parking lot, and they just shrugged and voted FOR the increase and to deny the staff’s recommendation! Even their own commissioner voted for it! Well, enough of that stuff. I guess I’ll never understand politics. I never play that game, as most of you know, so it doesn’t make any sense to ruin a good thing forever because of ???? I’ll never understand it, I guess. The next parcel of property adjoining it is six acres, and that is the property we’ve all seen where they also want to build a 16-story major hotel, and upscale movie theater, a restaurant, some condos, etc. Not sure what they will do now, being that this piece is right next to the other property. The people with the small triangle said they had an offer for a gas station if they weren’t permitted to build the increased density. We’ll never know now.
  • Here’s hoping you are having a terrific summer, albeit hot. I don’t remember rain like this before. Normally during rainy season, one month it starts at 2 PM and doesn’t last too long, the next month it starts at 10 AM, and the next month it starts at 4 PM. That’s just the way it’s been. This year it rains quite a few times a day! At least that is how it has started out. Wonder if it will continue?
  • You should see my avocado tree! There must be 100 avocados on there. Not sure if the tree will be able to hold all the weight next month because these babies get to be a very large size. Enjoy your summer and get some of those closets cleaned out and do some baking while it’s hot outside or raining. But whatever you do, enjoy the daylights out of every single day.

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