Friday, January 21, 2022

951/41 Road Construction Ahead of Schedule



Donna Fiala

Although there are three road construction projects all taking place at the same time in the vicinity of 951/41 intersection, the traffic is running smoothly again. There have been huge lines of cars coming off Marco Island from around 3pm to about 6pm during the week, plus some night lighting problems, but those issues have both been resolved to a great degree. The County’s DOT project – the actual intersection being completely transformed into a footprint for a future overpass, has been a major construction project. They are actually about 6 months ahead of schedule and also under budget. If we are blessed with good summer weather again this year, the project should be completed before the Fall Season begins and our winter residents return. The Collier Blvd., SR 951 (the State Road) should be completed well before that. However, the FDOT project along U.S. 41 E heading toward Miami has been running into utility problems, etc., so is running a little behind schedule, but they hope to catch up. The State is widening U.S. 41E from 2 lanes to 6 lanes and then to 4 lanes ending at Greenway Rd. This major project will also include combined pathways and streetlights. So now you have an update on the County & State’s road construction project up till today.

*My recent Annual Town Hall Gathering was well attended, and I thank everyone for their interest in our community and the projects that are taking place. We saw a power point presentation of all the new developments about to take place, or that are being built, or that are in the exploratory phases. We learned, and could see an actual visual, of 77% of the land in Collier County that is being kept in preservation forever, never to be disturbed by development. Much of that land is right at our doorstep. There are so many areas in the wild that can be explored, animals to see, birds to photograph, orchids galore, and so much more right “around the corner”.

*The Marco Library is now open on Friday’s, and has the distinction of being the first branch library with automatic check-out. Shortly the rest of the libraries around Collier County will also have the machines installed as money finds its way to the libraries. Now I am firmly requesting that the Library stays open on Saturdays. Budget session comes up soon, but I would like to see them open before that budget gets approved with money that might be found in some nook or cranny. If that is not a possibility, then we’ll have to wait till October when the new budget kicks in. Thanks Phyllis Marco, for pushing from your end. Together we should make this happen. The Marco Library is really a busy place! It always seems like a beehive of activity.

*Thanks for Craig Woodward for always being there when a person needs him. He and his Marco Rotary are assisting the County in getting two bus shelters erected in Copeland so the kids have a place to wait out of the sun and rain. If you ever wanted to help people in need, this is the place! Many volunteers don’t want to donate dollars, but actually use hammer and nails. This is the place to do that, too. I bet if we asked them what they could use, we would probably have a lot of that stuff in our closets or cupboards. Maybe some time we’ll have extra time and want to do just that. We could be Craig Woodward-ettes. Hmm, is that a word? Sure it is.

*Jack Mulvane, the new Director of the Naples Zoo was the guest speaker at the Marco Kiwanis Club the other day and he was terrific. He told us of the history of the location, how it grew and became an animal sanctuary, and finally became the Zoo. He also told us they had over 345,000 visitors last year! How long has it been since YOU’VE been to the Zoo?

*The Goodland Boat Parade was outstanding! And this year the weather was just as wonderful as the boats going by! A great day was had by all.

*A tip o’ the hat to the Marco Post 404 American Legion! -A fast growing organization with dedicated, interesting people who want to make a difference in the lives of veterans and others.

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