Thursday, January 27, 2022

50 Years of Marco Island Community Television



MarcoIslandCommunityTelevision.Com is a popular internet-based television center. In celebrating 50 years of Marco Island, producer William Hughes has arranged many of the community television videos available on the site in an easy to follow historical order. From stories on the movers and shakers of Marco Island, such as Frank Mackle, Jack Parr, Gene Sarazen, Thelma Heath and Herb Savage, to videos of the 25th and the 40th Anniversary celebrations of the island, these videos will bring to life the early days of the island.

Hughes, owner of Hughes Video Productions, provides these videos free of charge as a public service. They are available to view at your convenience via your web browser on your computer, iPad, smart phone or smart television. Hughes notes, “For those with smart televisions and the Vimeo app installed, you can search “” or “William Hughes Marco Island” in the Vimeo Application.

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