Thursday, October 28, 2021

39th Annual Shell Show

The Marco Island Shell Club put on another successful show for shell artists, collectors and shell enthusiasts. The show featured literally MILLIONS and MILLIONS of shells.

The three-day show featured hundreds of exhibits: juried scientific exhibits, artistic exhibits, shells for sale, a live “specimen” tank, even a raffle. On display were beautiful pieces of art, useful objects encrusted with shells and more. There were rare shells, common local shells, oddities, and even shell “hair.”

Two-year-old Stone Allgaier enjoyed “kids day” at the 39th Annual Shell Show. Stone touched a live starfish, his father commented, “My hope is he grows up with the same love for the ocean that I have, that’s why I brought him.”

The proceeds of the Shell Show support the Marco Island Shell Club Scholarship and Education Fund.

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