Monday, October 25, 2021

2016 City of Marco Island Amateur Wildlife Photo Contest



By Coastal Breeze News Staff

This is the ninth year the City of Marco Island will hold its amateur photo contest highlighting our area’s unique flora and fauna. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and what began as a celebration of Earth Day has grown into a photographic tribute to the beautiful Southwest Florida area in which we live. It’s a great competition if you’re a nature lover, a photography aficionado, or you “accidentally” captured that perfect shot.

The photo contest begins now and runs through May 6th. You can enter up to four times in varying categories. All entries must include a signed release, an entry form, an 11 X 14” print and a digital copy of the entry. A notable change from the previous competitions: matting is NOT required! The categories are: land animal, marine animal, birds, insects, trees and landscapes (one category), black and white, and creatively altered. Amateur photographers must be 14 years old and up to enter. An amateur is defined as any photographer who has not received monetary compensation for photography, whether in exhibits, shows, by sale, or through any facet of journalism.

Photo subjects must be of native Southwest Florida species taken in the last year. The creatively altered category includes any alteration to a photo, such as digital alteration, overexposure, extended exposure, added color, color wash, or other effects to enhance the photo.

Winning entries will be announced May 13th at an awards reception held at the Marco Island Historical Museum that evening. Winning entries will be exhibited at the museum, other entries will be available for viewing in book form. Judges will be determined and announced at a later date. All winning entries will be published in Coastal Breeze News, co-sponsor of the 2016 City of Marco Island Amateur Wildlife Photography Contest.

So cameras out, batteries charged, lenses wiped, and get snapping! Enjoy Southwest Florida’s great outdoors and send us your best shot!

There is no cost to enter. For further information or to pick up entry forms and releases, call 239-393-4991. Entries can be mailed or brought to the Coastal Breeze News office at 1857 San Marco Road, #216, Marco Island, FL 34145.

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