Friday, January 28, 2022

2015 Wildlife Photo Contest Focuses on SW Florida



By Coastal Breeze News Staff

Click! Click! Click! Amateur photographers send your photos to enter the Eighth Annual City of Marco Island Wildlife Amateur Photo Contest. The contest runs now through April 24th with winners announced May 1st. This year, photos are eligible for the following combined categories: Land and Marine Animals, Insects and Plants an t na atr rs an anscapes. A winner will be chosen in each of the following sub-categories: Color, Black and White and Creatively Altered photos. Amateur photographers aged 14 and up, are eligible to enter. An amateur is n as an trar as not received monetary compensation for photography, whether in exhibits, shows, by sale or through any facet of journalism. This year’s judges include Vickie Kelber, Frank Steiger, Hyla Crane, Samantha Malloy and Lori Wagor. Photo subjects must be of native southwest Florida species – animal or plant – taken in the last year. Each photographer can enter up to four photos in the categories listed above. (‘Enhanced’ includes any alteration to a photo, such as digital alteration, overexposure, extended exposure, added color, color wash or watercolor effects to enhance the photo.) Photographers can use any type of camera. Photos will be judged based primarily on wildlife subject matter – the
ra ants r auna animas must a native species to Florida, but also must be the original photo – preferably taken in the last 12 months. Judges will look at photographic details such as focus, saturation and setting. All entered photos must be 8 x 10 inches and be framed in a standard 11 x 14 inch mat. Each entry must include a digital copy, as well as the matted version. Digital images can be emailed to The standard mat can be found at any craft or “dollar store.” Please do not include glass, wood/plastic frames, decorations or any other variation of the 11 x 14 inch mat. Up to four photos can be submitted by contest entrants in any category. For example, all four photos could be in the color category or two could be in color while the other two are black and white; entrants can also choose to enter their four photos into one of each category: color, black and white, enhanced; or any combination therein. The judges are anxious to see what each entrant has captured in the viewnr u A photo exhibit with all entries will be on display at City Hall followed by a display at the Marco Island Historical Museum. Winners will be recognized at a City Council meeting. Contact Samantha Malloy at the City of Marco Island at 239-389-5000, or Val Simon at Coastal Breeze News at 239393-4991 for more information or entry forms.

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