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2014 Marketing Trends



Camden Smith
DREAMFly Marketing

Keeping up with the Jones’ is a cliché to follow in business, but businesses should take it one step further and beat the Jones’ when it comes to business. In 2014, marketing success is based less on the basics of advertising and more on businesses finding unique ways to deliver goods and services.

Technology and strategic product development to no one’s surprise have been named by “Forbes Magazine” as leading agents for marketing successes this year. The perfect company setting an example in leading solutions to consumer challenges is Groupon. The company started as a simple, online coupon clipping option for items as simple as a dog leash to services as complex at laser liposuction.

In January, Groupon completed its acquisition of Ticket Monster, and in 2013, the company also purchased an online travel site. Groupon is moving its selling power in front of the customer daily, meeting all facets of a consumer’s need. Conglomerate retail stores, such as Marshalls, will have to start thinking long and hard about online clothing sales, whereas right now shoppers are selling clothing from that particular store on eBay.

Drinking every bit of potential profit is key, and putting products in front of the customer they cannot avoid will be what drives business in 2014. Local retail shops may not be able to expand like Groupon, but they can perform better by doing more than simply having a clerk open up the doors every day.

Creating a customer loyalty tracking program, taking products to fairs and creating more personalized shopping experiences with private parties will make a retailer unique. This also switches retailers from forcing consumers to shop on their time and puts the power of the purchase back in consumers’ hands to the benefit of the business.

Marketing trends are forecasting more cost effective ways to reach target audiences and gain return on marketing investments at a more rapid rate. Content marketing on websites and writing articles for third-party sites will drive traffic to websites and brighten a company’s online buzz. Red Bull has more than 100 content writers on its team.

Even if a company has one person dedicated to this, a business can put a dent in the cyber world. Keep in mind content writing for a website is keyword driven, but must be written naturally without words repeating just because they can.

Writing for third-party sites requires a talented content writer who has mastered the skill of selling without selling, as articles are not specifically advertisements. A few of the top article websites available are,,, and

Staying in front of the customer is half the battle, because the market is saturated with competition so be consistent with messaging and it will drive your success in 2014.


Camden Smith, owner of DREAMFly Marketing LLC, has more than eight years expertise in branding and marketing strategy and 13 years in public relations. Formerly a WINK-TV reporter, Smith is an award-winning PR strategist and lives in Naples with her husband. Visit Smith at


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