Friday, January 28, 2022

2011 Volunteer Appeal

Our dream came true, we have a Museum for Marco and we’re pleased to report a great deal of interest from our donors and the community at large to rent Rose Hall Auditorium.

If you’ve ever thought about becoming more involved with MIHS this is the opportunity for you! The Rose History Auditorium (RHA), the Crown Jewel of The Marco Island Museum, is in need of a Facilities Co-Manager to coordinate rental activity for RHA.

The actual “job description” includes providing tours of the facility when someone is interested in renting RHA for an event or meeting. You’ll also be working with a group of volunteers who’ll assist with the evolving responsibilities.

This is a unique opportunity to introduce people to The Marco Island Historical Society and all that we stand for. There is a place on our website to book the RHA for rentals but some people may want to tour the facility before they make a commitment to rent.

We’ll also need a cadre of volunteers who are available to open and close the auditorium before and after events are held there.

There are two ways to be involved; 1) Facility Manager or Co-Managerand 2) Volunteers at Large who’ll be available as needed to open and close RHA in conjunction with scheduled events.

Here’s the change to give back to MIHS, make new friends and have some fun all at the same time! Please call Darcie Guerin at 394-7280 if you’re interested or just curious about what this involves! We need everyone’s help and involvement.

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