Monday, November 29, 2021

2011 Holiday Décor

Chromatic Christmas. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

Chromatic Christmas. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

By Xiomara Martinez

Home Decor

When it comes to decorating our homes for the holidays, it is much easier to follow traditional décor like using ornaments for Christmas with red and green color schemes, or orange, yellow or brown themes for Thanksgiving. Some homemakers prefer tradition and others want to create a new look.

If you go by current trends, there are more options today than in past years. And, as people seem more open to change, the tendency to follow new trends is growing in 2011. This year, Christmas themes incorporate traditional decorating elements with different color schemes. Blue, brown, green, white or creams, or combinations of colors are definitely -IN-. Metallic colors and crystal tear accents are on top of the list and can be used generously. Combination of colors can bring serenity and sophistication to any area of your home.




the other hand, as we step into Thanksgiving’s celebration, 2011 color pallets remain the same with traditional orange, yellow, red and brown. A significant trend this year is to maintain the existing decor of your home and introduce splashes of seasonal or preferred color with accent pillows, throws, area rugs or decorating pieces.

I don’t like to follow color trends all the time. Trends change constantly. By the time you start to follow what is- IN-style, it is already out! I like to be creative and go with what inspires me and I will recommend that you consider the same approach. As long as you introduce special seasonal accents which complement the rest of your home, you will be OK.

Spice things up, embrace your Holiday decorating ideas for your home with fun, love and peace.

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