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Trae Pierce −Funk, Faith & Family

Even as a baby, Trae Pierce’s mother knew music was part of his destiny. Her son would perk up and start moving to the beat in his crib every time music was played in the house. At the age of seven, he picked up a lead guitar and instinctively started playing. Trae’s mother, a classically trained pianist who also played in their church, decided it was time to teach her son the piano. At the age of nine, the bass guitar caught his attention, and that became his muse. By 13, Trae Pierce, already a seasoned performer, began traveling the world, playing bass professionally with the Blind Boys of Alabama, Sugarfoot & the Ohio Players, James Brown, and Peter Gabriel among others.

“When I was a little boy, I didn’t start out to do this. I didn’t start out to win a Grammy, let alone four. I didn’t start out to travel the world, and I’ve played in 37 countries. I played music, because I loved it. Whatever you do and you love it, it will all happen for you…not because you are looking to be a star, have fame or fortune…it will all happen because you love it,” soulfully expresses Trae Pierce. “So many people do things just because, but you have to do it with your heart to be successful. I took everything that came my way and used it as a stepping stone…kept going…kept going and never stopped. Consistency brings success. I just never stop.”

After becoming a father and wanting to stay close to his son, Rae Pierce learned firsthand about the life of a musician, traveling with the band during his summer vacations as a child, even having his own bed on the tour bus. When Rae came of age, he began performing with the newly formed T-Stones. During that time, Trae discovered and produced Flo Rida. After Atlantic Records signed Flo Rida, the T-Stones became the opening act.

While enroute to a gig 2½ years ago, tragedy struck the T-Stones as a distracted driver texting while driving 80 mph struck their bus and trailer, propelling them into oncoming traffic.

“I remember nothing about the accident and woke up 15 days after later. It was weird knowing I had missed 15 days of my life. Every rib was broken, both of my lungs were punctured, my collar bone was broken, and I was on a ventilator. I had to learn to walk again. I couldn’t even raise my arm. I was told I would never play on stage again. I knew that wasn’t right. I knew God and music had other plans for me. The doctors said best case scenario was that maybe in one year I could play again but definitely not live the life on the road and perform,” explains Trae.

Proving the doctors wrong, within two short months after being discharged from the hospital (a six-month setback for the T-Stones in total), Trae was on the road, determined to perform again. Today, music remains the driving force in his life as he continues to produce and record in the studio daily, in addition to performing and traveling the country with Trae Pierce & the T-Stones, playing their special blend of Funk, Rock and Hip Hop, turning every venue into a dance party. Recently, Trae Pierce & the T-Stones performed on Marco Island at Martinis Bombay and are set to return on Thursday, July 26.


Trae Pierce | Photos by Jodi Pree

About Trae Pierce: Not only is Trae Pierce a 4-time Grammy Award winning artist, he has also earned three Dove Awards, a NAACP Image Award, and was inducted into the Alabama Hall of Fame in 2010. He has produced, toured, and recorded with Flo Rida, Jodeci, Mavis Staple, Susan Tedeschi, Michael Franti (Spearhead), Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Flava Flav, Cece Peniston, Robert Plant, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, and Randy Travis, among others. His movie credits include: “The Fighting Temptations,” “Brother Bear,” and “H.O.P.”

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