Sunday, October 24, 2021

10,000 Islands Fishing Outlook For March


Sheepshead caught on a Capt. Rapps charter.

Sheepshead caught on a Capt. Rapps charter.

As we continue into March, we can begin to look forward to warmer days and calmer waters. In the 10,000 Islands region, March typically marks a turning point of the seasons. Harsh conditions that plague us in January and February, including cold fronts and strong winds, begin to move away from the area. March is the first month of the year that brings about the hope and promise of another great spring fishing season. March Weather: What to Expect

Generally, weather patterns from the beginning of the year can stretch into the first week of March. It’s not uncommon to see days with 20+ mph winds in early March, which makes for choppy, shallow waters.

Winter catch of speckled sea trout and sheepshead in the 10,000 Islands. Photos by Capt. Pete Rapps

Winter catch of speckled sea trout and sheepshead in the 10,000 Islands. Photos by Capt. Pete Rapps

As the month continues, however, the weather becomes much more pleasant. Temperatures will begin to warm, bringing about a rise in water temperatures. Water temperatures can be expected to increase from the 60’s and get into the low 70’s. Fish to Lookout For

Warm waters bring about the best fish that the 10,000 Islands area has to offer. The decreasing frequency of cold fronts allows fish to be out in full force. Fishermen can easily spot fish in calm waters. If you find yourself on the water in March, be on the lookout for these fish: Redfish – You’ll find success catching these fish when using light spin tackle. Redfish are a likely target in the shallow waters, as they typically make their homes in oyster beds.



Snook – These fish will prove challenging yet rewarding to catch, as they are considered very elusive. They are most attracted to live bait and can be found in shallower waters, such as near mangroves and docks. March marks the beginning of snook season in the region.

Speckled Sea Trout – A great fish to look for while fishing the flats, these fish present a fun challenge for anglers of any age. Speckled trout can be caught yearround.

If you are interested in booking a chartered fishing tour or have other questions about fishing the 10,000 Islands area, be sure to contact me at or call Lisa at our office at 239- 571-1756. Our team of captains love everything that the South Florida waters have to offer and truly enjoy sharing our passion with others. We look forward from seeing you out on the water this March!

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