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10,000 Islands Fishing In October




Capt. Pete Rapps

October can prove to be one of the favorite months of year for many 10,000 Islands fishing enthusiasts. Although still a hot summer month, you can expect to see the regular rainstorms begin to taper off as the season begins to change. The daytime temperatures will average in the 87 degree range while the water temperature will hover in the lower 80s. The first few days of October are the new moon and the full moon falls on the 16th. Fishing a few days before and after the peak moon phases typically produce a good bite as the baits get washed in and out with the big tides.

Around this time, we can start to see some good sized schools of live bait, such as thread herring, pilchards and mullet begin to pour into the area. You will want to get out your casting net and keep a look out for them near the shorelines at higher tides. In lower tides, you will need to look a little deeper in order to find them. A good rule of advice is to watch for where the birds will be flocking and swooping right where the schools of bait are hanging out.

Whether you have chosen to use your freshly caught bait or have purchased some live shrimp, you shouldn’t have any trouble landing yourself some good sized redfish during the October fishing season. If you have some live shrimp on hand, try throwing them under a popping cork for an instant hookup. However, if you have some live bait, like threads or pilchards, don’t hesitate to toss them out there either. Cut mullet can tend to work

Photo by Capt. RappsJack Gruber with a nice trout and redfish caught on a Capt. Rapps Charter..

Photo by Capt. RappsJack Gruber with a nice trout and redfish caught on a Capt. Rapps Charter..

well too.

The redfish aren’t the only fish that are on the move this season. You can find the snook fattening up around the outside bars and cuts. You can find them on the move into the backwaters and they will love some tasty live bait. We would recommend tying up 3-4’ of 40 lb. fluorocarbon leader tied up to a 30 lb. line, and toss those baits into the deeper eddies against the mangroves shores.

You don’t want to miss out on the good number of spotted sea trout either. You can find them near the outside grassy flats in 3’-5’ of water and they will typically feed well on an incoming tide. If you are looking for a lot of trout action, you should try using a popping cork with a weighted live shrimp. However, if you are hoping to get your artificial arsenal out, we’d recommend you use a 3/8 oz. lead head jig heads with a soft plastic bait such as the DOA C.A.L. 4” jerk bait or the “AIRHEAD.”

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