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10,000 Islands Fishing Forecast for June

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During the month of June in the 10,000 Islands region in Florida, you will see water temperatures begin to rise into the mid to high 80s. The Gulf temperatures begin to increase as it brings in the summer and daily rain. 

So, if you plan to do some fishing during June, it would be best to schedule your fishing time earlier in the morning before the sun hits its peak and before the rain washes you out.

You can find an abundance of popular fish species ripe for the taking in June, like redfish, snook, tarpon, sharks, and trout. You will also find them in increased numbers along the shallow water bars, flats, and heavy coverage shoreline areas. 

Snook can be found along the beaches and troughs in the area, and your best bet would be to use live thread herring and pilchards. However, they also grab at artificial bait as well. For great topwater action, head out earlier in the morning and be ready to fish at first light.

Redfish can be found outside of the oyster bars. Try using live shrimp on a 4/0 circle hook under a popping cork. Tarpon can be found on the shallow flats in June as well if you prefer them over redfish. 

Trout can be found in good numbers on the flats in the incoming tide. For these fish, we recommend bucktail jigs and Gulp shrimp. However, you can also use any kind of plastic jig as well that is tipped with shrimp. The ideal fishing depth here is between four and six feet. 

Mangrove snapper can be found among the mangrove roots. If you use live shrimp to catch these fish, let the fish hang onto the shrimp for a bit before setting the hook and reeling them in. 

If you are planning on your next fishing trip to be in the 10,000 Islands region of Florida, then you will be sure to find some bountiful fishing opportunities in the area. June is an ideal month for fishing during the early morning and evening hours when the weather is a bit cooler, and the chances of rain have dwindled. No matter when you go, though, you are sure to find an ample amount of fish and a lot of success on your next outing.

If you are unfamiliar with the area, consider a charter with an expert guide to take you around and show you the best fishing spots and fill you in on the best light tackle to use.

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