Friday, October 22, 2021

10 Simple Tips to Run Your Best Kiwanis 5K–December 7th!

Assuming you are already signed up—or if you are still thinking about it—there is still time. If you planned ahead, however, the race can be super fun.

  1. Good news. It is only 3.1 miles. NOT 5! 
  2. Wear something you’ve worn during your training runs or your walks. This is not the time to wear your brand-new running shoes. Nothing kills a run or walk like a nasty blister.
  3. Recruit friends to run or walk with you. Turn it into a social event.
  4. Better yet, recruit friends to cheer you along or to congratulate you at the finish line. 
  5. If you run with music on—create a powerful playlist packed with songs like “Unstoppable” by Sia or “Power” by Kanye West. 
  6. Make friends at the starting line—it helps with prerace jitters.
  7. If you are on the slow side, don’t line up at the front. These are for the insanely “going for a record” type of runners.
  8. Start slow and pick it up as you move along.
  9. Ignore your time. Just focus on having fun from start to finish.
  10. Smile—it actually makes you feel better and you’ll look great for the photo finish.

The Marco Island Kiwanis Family 5K is on December 7th (Saturday) at 8 AM in Tigertail Beach. This run is for the children of Marco Island and the surrounding communities. The course starts and ends at Tigertail Beach and goes through the beautiful community of Hideaway Beach. To register, visit


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