Landing on Mars

A Tricky Feat!
Nasa Night Sky

In the next issue of Nasa Night Sky, David Prosper talks about the upcoming Mars Perseverance landing in February.

Flying During COVID-19

  What a relaxing and pleasant experience!  Almost one year since I last disembarked from a flight from Munich, Germany, back to Fort Myers, I was finally back on an airplane again. In our travel business, I was used to flying at least once every two months and often times more, so this felt like a special occasion. But we were concerned about the risk of exposure.  Any worries about being […]

Thinking About Friendships and Chris

More Straight Talk

Steve Stefanides presents the next issue of his column, More Straight Talk.

Citizen Identifies Serious Clean Water Violation

  A sharp eye by a passing motorist and a prompt response by Marco Island P.D. helped identify a flagrant violation of a number of environmental regulations and those responsible for those actions.  Rather than cleaning up painting materials in the proper manner, employees of a painting contractor chose to go into a local swale area to clean their brushes and other equipment with […]