The Coastal Breeze News mourns the loss of Guillermo (Primo) Emilio Espejo (1922-2020).

Art Open House

The City of Marco Island is pleased to invite the public to an Open House at City Hall on January 14, 2021, from 5 PM – 7 PM to view local artwork on display in City Hall. In August 2020, the City launched a new initiative called Art at City Hall, celebrating local artists by displaying their work inside City Hall and highlighting Marco Island’s unique natural environment. Every […]

Cycle for Fun Through the Years

  In March, right about the time COVID-19 arrived, I was going through a very small personal dilemma. I was mourning the loss of my mobility, the lack of taking spins on my two–wheel bike. A fall in January had caused me to hit the blacktop hard. Because of a strong, close–fitting helmet, I did not have a concussion. Miraculously, no bones were broken and I had only a small bruise or […]

Before Marco Beach

The Beach Boy Chronicles

From The Beach Boy Chronicles, Tom Williams shares the story of his encounter with country singer Dottie West. See the full story here.

Five Steps That Will Help You Grow Younger

American comedian, award-winning actor and best-selling writer, George Burns said it best, “You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.” Burns, who lived and even worked to 100 years old, understood that the number of candles you blow out on your birthday does not determine how old you are. In fact, we have two ages: a chronological age, our age based on when we were born, and a biological age, which refers […]

Red Tide + Dead Fish = Stench

The Red Tide has reached Marco Island’s waters, and the effects have already been devastating. See the full story here.

The Ft. Myers Offshore Club

For the last decade or more, the organization known as Ft. Myers Offshore has created a number of events that have brought together Southwest Florida boating enthusiasts such as themselves. Find out what they’re doing for 2021.

Naples Big Dave Polar Plunge Celebrates 2021 With a Chilly Splash

2021 began with a splash at the annual Big Dave’s Polar Plunge event!


  A dream that  began in 2007, and was shelved in 2008 due to recessionary  pressures that affected the entire nation, moved another step closer to reality at Monday evening’s Marco Island City  Council meeting.  At that meeting  council would approve, by a unanimous vote of 7-0 two resolutions on its agenda that moved that dream to the threshold of reality.    The Marco Island […]

Citizen Science Volunteers

Unsung Heroes of Local Conservation in Marco

Coastal Breeze writer Maria Lamb brings us the news as things seem to be improving for the birds and creatures of South Florida as more projects and volunteers come forward.