Just Friends

Community Scene

The Coastal Breeze News presents the Community Scene from Marco Island.

Each Other

All That Glitters

Richard Alan talks about bringing joy to others in this next issue of his column, All That Glitters.

Embrace the Confusion

Ask the CFP

Darcie Guerin talks about the year-end financial review for 2020 and COVID-19’s impact, in her column, Ask the CFP.

Messing with Mr. Booze

Ask the Life Coach

Mershon Niesner addresses a question regarding the rise in alcohol consumption since the COVID Pandemic, in her column, Ask the Life Coach.

Skinny Singles

Coach Wayne’s Corner

Coach Wayne Clark talks about how to play Skinny Singles, in his column, Coach Wayne’s Corner.

Glass: A Pretentious Disappointment

Reel Reviews

Matthew Mendisana gives a review of “Glass” in his column, Reel Reviews.