St. Mark’s Launches Boutique and Jewelry Sale

This year, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church will feature a Boutique and Jewelry sale, all for the women of Marco Island and charity. Come find out more!

Visit to The Wall That Heals has Special Meaning to Marco’s Decorated Vietnam Veteran

Vietnam Veteran and Marco Island resident Frank Keefer tells his life story about before, during, and after the war. See the full story, along with photos, here.

Theme Park Wrap-Up: February 2020

Theme Park Wrap-Up

Brittani Tuttle gives readers the inside scoop on upcoming events in Florida’s Biggest amusement parks in her column Theme Park Wrap-up.

News & Updates from Town Hall

Much was discussed at the last Town Hall meeting in Collier County. Find out what happened and what changes are coming.

Riegler Named Marco Firefighter of the Year

Marco Island Fire/Rescue Foundation held their Annual Meeting at the Island Country Club on Wednesday, February 12.  This will mark the 13th anniversary of the organization.

Lookin’ For A Cure Seeks Participants

A Cure in Sight will be holding a 1-mile walk to raise money for those suffering from Ocular Melanoma, a rare form of eye cancer. If you want to help, read further to find out how you can join!

Mobile Education Center

A look at the Mobile Education Center, the 53-foot trailer that carries The Wall That Heals.

Everglades Seafood Festival Welcomes Huge Crowds for 50th

The 50th anniversary of the Everglades Seafood Festival was a huge hit with an array of food, music, and entertainment for all! Come see how it all went down!

A Celebration of All Things Orchid

Naples Botanical Garden is excited to present its annual Orchid Fest! Read further to find out the details!