Publix Eagles Busy with “Nestorations” by Big Publix

I just wanted to share the great progress a new pair of eagles has made on rebuilding the nest by the Publix on S. Barfield. Last December it was approved by city council for Publix to do a major demolition and reconstruction process. Last nesting season (October – May) there weren’t any residents. This season we have a beautiful new […]

NO to Sale of Recreational Marijuana on Marco Island

In a Letter to the Editor Amadeo Petricca voices his opinion on medical marijuana on Marco Island.

What Does the Future Hold?

More Straight Talk

Steve Stefanides writes about how special Marco Island weekends are in his column, More Straight Talk.

Principal For the Day

Coastal Comments

You must be getting into the season of things, because we have lots of stuff going on everywhere we look. And look at the Coastal Breeze! They are so good they have to expand to a once-a-week publication! Now that’s success. but now I’ll mention a few things you might be interested in seeing. This past Saturday, the Marco Island […]

50th Anniversary of Woodstock

The 50th Anniversary celebration of Woodstock brought out the crowds for music and fun.

Owl Watch Marco Year in Review and Volunteers of the Year Award

Audubon of the Western Everglades (AWE) staff and volunteers gathered at Mackle Park on November 16th for their annual luncheon and to hear the latest update on the 2019 nesting season. This has been an amazing year for burrowing owls according to Allison Smith, staff biologist for AWE and manager of the burrowing owl research program in Marco Island. This […]

St. Matthew’s House Thanksgiving Dinner Needs Your Help

The community is being asked to donate disposable, covered trays of pre-cooked and reheatable side dishes for the St. Matthew’s House Thanksgiving Dinner.

2019-11-21 E-Edition