06-21-2019 E-Edition

Winding Through the Mangroves

Growing Up in Everglades City

Winding through the mangroves and brackish waters of the Ten Thousand Islands, you’re more than certain to stumble upon the smiling faces of Common Bottlenose Dolphins. These dolphins, scientifically known as Tursiops truncatus, have strong, mighty bodies that are blue-gray in color with their bellies and sides fading into a lighter gray. Their sleek body and powerful tail equip them […]


Keith Wallace can lay claim to something that places him in a fairly exclusive club. It’s a status he shares with others who’ve also had the experience of appearing in a hit Hollywood movie. The millions who’ve seen box office record smashing “Avengers: Endgame” since its late April release have also viewed Wallace onscreen. He portrayed an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. […]

What Do You Need That For?


Last month while sweeping the front of my establishment I overheard a couple admiring (or so I thought) the jewelry in my window display. She happened to mention to him that she liked one of my gold palm trees. He curtly replied “Now what do you need that for,” and pulled her away from the window by her elbow. I […]

Studying Our Area Dolphins

Stepping Stones

My mom used to love going to the Venice jetties in the evening searching for dolphins. She was the ultimate detective, scanning the inlet and the coastline, wondering where one of these elusive creatures would surface for a breath of air. When she did see one, it was like Christmas morning all over again. The joy of sharing time and […]

Blame It on the Boomers

Ask The CFP® Practitioner

“How low can you go?” ~ Chubby Checker Question: Why have interest rates stayed so low for so long? Can this continue? Answer:  The short answer is that interest rates may remain low for many more years.   Why they’re at these levels is an important question. Interest rates reflect the cost of money. If the cost of money is […]

Millionaire Choices: It’s your Q & A session…

Following a seminar on the subject of the meaning of prosperity a question and answer session was held.  A transcript of that session follows. Q. What is the biggest myth about wealth and income? A. Looking wealthy is not the same as being wealthy.  Many folks with late model cars are on leases.  Some folks with mega mansions have a […]

Godzilla: King of the Monsters – Marvelous Monster Movie Mash!


“Godzilla” is a franchise that’s over 65 years old. The original 1954 film debuted in Japan under the title, “Gojira.” Two years later, the film was given an international release with new footage and dubbing for an American audience—inserting Raymond Burr as the starring role—and under a new title, “Godzilla, King of the Monsters!” While Godzilla is a Japanese creation, […]

Create A More Stress – Resistant Lifestyle


In this column I’ll introduce Reorganize, the fifth, and final level of defense against stress in my Five R’s of Coping Model. Reorganize is a lifestyle-based based approach to conquering your stress that revolves around developing high-level health and wellness to make you more hardy and stress-resistant. As you’ve seen in the first four levels of defense, to cope with […]

‘Washington Black’ By Esi Edugyan


Lynn Alexander discusses Washington Black By Esi Edugyan in her column, Book Remarks.