2019-02-15 E-Edition

Luck is No Substitute for Knowledge

Ask the CFP

“Confidence comes from discipline and training.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki, American Businessman and Author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” (1947 –  ). Question: Even though the market has gained back most of what it lost at the end of 2018 I’m still concerned and uncomfortable with volatility. What tips can you provide to help prepare for the next inevitable downturn? Answer: […]

Some Things Are Not as They Seem

All That Glitters

In the wonderful world of the retail jewelry business, there are times when there is no choice but to be brutally honest. This is always the case when accepting jewelry for repair or watches for even a simple battery change. For example, a gentleman wanted me to change a battery in his newly acquired “Rolex,” an automatic red flag! A […]

Advice to Daughter In Distress

Ask the Life Coach

Dear Coach, My siblings and I recently moved my eighty-five-year-old mother from her own home to an assisted living residence in Naples. Although there are many activities available to her, she constantly complains that she’s bored. As a result, she’s calling me multiple times a day and I’m losing my patience. Any suggestions? Blessings, Daughter In Distress Dear Daughter In […]

Lucky Charm

Meet Your Area Dolphins

Born in 2006, this dolphin has been on its own for 10 years and is approaching adulthood. It’s impossible to tell a male dolphin from a female just by looking at them, but social behavior over time can give us a clue. Lucky Charm is usually seen by itself or in the company of adult females and other sub-adult dolphins. This […]

Long Term Goals

Coach Wayne’s Corner

Once again, welcome back to my ongoing series of columns on goal setting. If you have been following my column for the last couple of months, then you already know that I have been focusing on short, mid term and now finally setting our long term goal. Long term goals should have a time frame, which will take months to possibly […]

Lives Intersect in ‘Summer Hours at the Robbers Library’

Book Remarks

“What you’re thinking of as the end of the story now, is only the end of the chapter.” “Summer Hours at the Robbers Library,” by Sue Halpern, is about the intersection of three lives in various stages of anonymity. Head Librarian Kit chooses a life of anonymity as a way to cope with the jarring and unexpected end to her […]

Goodland Apparel on Sale Now and the GCA Arts & Crafts Fair Rescheduled

Goodland Life

It seems like Goodlanders sure spend a lot of time fundraising for their little village. And with good reason. Goodland is a tiny historical village with a huge heart and a fairly expensive community civic center to boot. Pam DeSmet and Natalie Siavrakas have been tasked with selling the now famous Goodland T-Shirts, the most prized possession in my son’s […]

Sidewalk Trips and Liability

Law Matters

Sidewalk cracks are all too common. Everyone has seen them. Some have tripped over them and been seriously injured. When that happens, the question becomes who is liable for those injuries? Liability is not automatic. A person injured in a trip and fall must usually establish the person responsible for the sidewalk had actual or constructive notice of the dangerous […]

Organizing the Whole

Mind, Body And Spirit

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts.”  ~ Aristotle I have a friend who can pack the essentials for a 10-day trip in a carry-on bag. By day her outfits coordinate, including jewelry and appropriate shoes, and at night she will have the right dress or slacks for a picnic on the beach or an impromptu dinner […]