LTE: City Council Theatre

Anyone who believes the selection of newbie Erik Brechnitz as city council chairman was unrehearsed will be interested to know about a bridge in Brooklyn up for sale. The entertainment began when Chair Grifoni opened nominations and Councilor Rios hit his call button and was recognized faster than pus leaves a boil. Rios then made a prepared statement describing a […]

LTE: An Affront to Councilor Roman

An affront to a person occurred at the COMI Council Meeting 11/13/18.  My comments are not out of disrespect for Chair Brechnitz but out of respect for Councilor Roman. It is incredulous that Councilor Roman was not elected Chair; her stellar performance regardless of precedent or number of votes dictated this. It is therefore a fair question to ask those […]

Celebrating Veterans

Two thousand people, including 700 Vietnam veterans, attended a Veteran’s Day ceremony at Jet Blue Park, hosted by Collier-Lee Honor Flight. Each veteran was introduced and congratulated before receiving an anniversary pin and certificate.