Meet Your Area Dolphins

The Research Team on board the Dolphin Explorer is happy to share information about your area dolphins with the Coastal Breeze News readers. Each edition an individual will be profiled so that you, too, might get to know them. Dolphins can be identified by the nicks and marks on their dorsal fins. Meet Dolly This adult female is raising a […]

JCMI Jewish Film Festival

The Jewish Congregation of Marco Island (JCMI), in cooperation with the Jewish Federation of Greater Naples, will present the 18th season of the Sydney R. Hoffman Memorial Jewish Film Festival. The program includes the newest and best award-winning films of the Jewish circuit. The first film in the series will be “The Samuel Project,” on December 16, 2018 at 2 […]

A Florida Family of Yesteryear’s Epic Tale


The trials and tribulations the MacIvey clan face over 114 years is incredible. There are hurricanes (including the devastating 1928 Okeechobee Hurricane) and encounters with everything from wild boar to outlaws. “All I’m trying to tell you is to be strong. Don’t ever let nothing get you down. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to love, or to grieve when the […]

Searching: A Triumphant Thriller and Memorable Mystery!


“Searching” follows the story of John Cho (David Kim), a widowed father with a teenage daughter named Margot (Michelle La). Despite living in the same household, the two have a distant relationship with technology being their main course of communication. One night, Margot tells her father that she’ll be out for an all-night study group. However, the next day, John […]

Get the Facts, Not the Flu


It’s that time of the year again. As the summer rains begin to subside, the occasional morning dew greets us on our hustle- which now consists of avoiding local school zones, grocery stores, and car haulers. Season is already upon us and the influx of visitors has our ledgers beginning to creep upward, but with it brings some rather unfortunate […]

Choosing the Right Preschool

By Pam Filbin

Preschool should be a wonderful experience for you and your child. But where to start on your journey choosing the right one to meet your needs? “Start by examining the basics” says Jennifer Wana, author of “How to Choose the Best Preschool for Your Child: The Ultimate Guide to Finding, Getting Into, and Preparing for Nursery School.” “Looking at practical […]

Roll the Rock!

All About Golf

When putting, most amateurs leave the ball short of the hole. When we watch golf on TV the pros very rarely leave the ball short, unless they do on the rare occasion miss hit the put. In coming up short most amateurs just do not follow through on their put and stop the putter head as soon as the ball […]

Lady Rays Honor Emily Olszak at Senior Night

The Marco Island Academy Lady Rays held a special celebration at Senior Night, as they honored their one and only senior, Emily Olszak. The walls of the MICMS gym were adorned with posters and streamers in Emily’s honor. The Lady Rays faced the Donahue Shamrocks in a hard-fought, four-game contest with the Lady Rays coming away victorious. Final score: 20-25, […]

On the Right Foot

Coach Wayne’s Corner

As tennis and pickleball players, we devote a lot of time and effort to improving our game. We seek out the advice of qualified instructors to take private lessons and attend drill clinics. Many of us also spend time online, researching and reading reviews to help us make a decision on what brand of racquet or paddle we are going […]

There’s More To The Story

Golden Gate Boulevard Wins Award The Golden Gate Boulevard Design-Build Improvement Project (east of Wilson Boulevard to 18th Street East) won an Honor Award in the Transportation Roadways Category for the 2018 Florida Region Design-Build Awards from Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) Florida Region, Inc. The design-build team for the county project was Ajax Paving Industries of Florida, LLC and […]