The Yoga Aha Moment


“… a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension.” ~ The Merriam-Webster  Dictionary definition of an Aha Moment When my husband and I still lived in Iowa, in the town we had both occupied since birth, my husband would sometimes call me from the business we owned. He’d be speaking in a rush, with a “need-to-know-now” intensity in […]

Community Scene: Lisa Lang, RN

Many know Lisa Lang as the friend RN for 28 years, “I love changing people’s lives, one patient at a time. If I can help make them a better person, that is meaningful.” In 2007, Lisa decided she had an obligation as a nurse to be a healthy role model. As a result, she began her weight loss journey. Eleven […]

Community Scene: Tigertail Treasure Hunt

Camp Mackle campers enjoyed a morning at Tigertail Beach learning about the beach, making shell and rock paintings, and “hunting” for trash with grabbers and pails.

Community Scene: Chamber Introduced to New JW Conference Center

Directors of the MI Chamber of Commerce experienced the hospitality of the JW Marriott with a preview of its new beachfront conference center for their most recent board meeting. JW Marriott’s new conference center includes a FedEx office on property and the island’s first escalator. Carrie Gargiulo, the JW Marriott’s sales administrative assistant, demonstrated how the state-of-the-art meeting facility handles […]

Knights of Columbus | A Strong Tradition of Service to Their Community

Like many organizations, the Knights of Columbus, which is affiliated with Catholic churches throughout the United States, is dedicated to service within its church and the community it serves. Their origins reach back to the late 19th century, with a young 29-year-old assistant pastor in St. Mary’s Church in New Haven, Connecticut. Father Michael J. McGivney saw a need to […]

Skip the Straw

The ban on single-use plastic drinking straws was long overdue for the beaches of Marco Island. It was first introduced to Marco Island’s Planning Board in September 2012 by then-Environmental Specialist, Nancy Richie. In 2016, the Beach and Coastal Resources Advisory Committee (BACR) revived the issue and worked hard to get the ban on plastic straws on the City Council’s […]

Good News From FDOT


Let’s start off with a little good news about roads! I just received this note, which I am copying right onto this column, and I’ll call it “A Note from Zac at FDOT.” “Thanks for reaching out. The lights on the Jolley Bridge and the poles on Davis Blvd. were damaged by Hurricane Irma. Repairs to lighting like those are […]

Our Journey

More Straight Talk

It has been an interesting couple of weeks, as the long awaited move into a new home that has all the personal touches and vision of my friend Janet have been realized. This, after about a 9 month process since we began that project. Thank God it was her vision and not mine, otherwise we’d be living out of old […]

Possible Dangers of Keyless Ignitions

Letters to the Editor

Both of my vehicles have keyless ignitions. In other words, I carry a key “fob” that allows me to start my vehicles with the press of a dashboard button while the fob remains in my pocket. How convenient. Today, more than 17 million vehicles sold each year in the U.S. have keyless ignitions but since being introduced in the 2000s, […]

Clean the Beach

Letters to the Editor

We have been visiting Marco Island the past three years and find it to be a true gem. Every a.m. when we would awake, the walks around your area were filled with endless wonders. One of our goals was to clean the beach each a.m. from the debris that was left by careless individuals. We look forward to future visits […]