Community Needs Assessment Findings Are In

By Don Manley The Collier County Community Needs and Assets Assessment results could assist Marco Island City Council in prioritizing capital projects during the budgetary planning process. Conducted August through December of last year, the assessment contains from more than 4,000 residents to questions addressing a broad range of issues. It was funded by Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation and […]

Spammy Jammy Returns to Goodland

By Samantha Husted As far as traditions go, the Spammy Jammy takes the cake. Or in this instance, a can of Spam. The annual ceremony takes place each June at the Little Bar Restaurant in Goodland, purposefully coinciding with the start of Florida’s hurricane season. The event is infused with humor, colorful costumes, and of course, the processed meat product. […]

Letter to the Editor: Appreciation for Tax Reduction

City Council Chairman Jared Grifoni and the Council majority are owed a well-deserved “kudos” for their recent vote to substantially reduce the Local Communications Services Tax. Chairman Grifoni submitted a white paper on the tax recently which contained his recommendation to lower the tax by approximately 60% over the next year and a half. Let me say that again, 60% […]