Per-spic-u-ous Adjective: (Latin: perspicere, to see through) clear in a statement or expression; easily understood. Pro-trep-tic Adjective: intended as instructional. Noun: a book, speech, essay, etc., that is protreptic. e-phem-e-ral Adjective: short-lived, transitory. Noun: an ephemeral thing; with a plural verb; ephemeral things collectively. sta-sis Noun: a state of equilibrium, balance, or stagnancy; a stoppage of the flow of some […]


Marco Islanders: Fasten Seatbelts – Approaching Turbulence On Monday, the City Council discussed how to word the ballot that you will be voting on in August. That vote will decide whether or not the city should add its own ambulance service to the service already being provided by the county. Chairman Grifoni presented a proposed ballot that, in my opinion, […]

Service with Integrity and Honor


We live in times today that challenge the very foundations of humanity and the basis of what we as a people believe sets us apart from others. Our consistency in our approach to ethics and integrity has always been something that we believe places us on the high moral ground in dealing with others. Doing what is right, regardless of […]


In the previous issue, the article “What’s Different, What’s New” incorrectly listed the last names for Island Café’s Arturo Perez and his son, Arturo Perez, Jr. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this error may have caused.

Island Country Club Welcomes Familiar Face as New GM

The Island Country Club (ICC) has appointed longtime employee, Bid Bakkar, to the position of general manager. “Island Country Club is a private, member-owned golf and country club on paper—but it’s much more than that. It’s a family,” Bakkar said. The “new” GM has worked for the private country club since 2001. Over his 17- year tenure, Bakkar has become […]

Hoping to Fill the Italian Deli Void

It has been said by Frankie Rose’s friends that he has marinara sauce flowing in his veins instead of blood. Rose enjoys bringing his love of Italian cuisine alive, and feels the need to make his mark here in Southwest Florida. Rose is preparing to open Frankie’s Italian Deli in the new strip mall in front of the Walmart Shopping […]

The Marco Patriots: Past, Present, and Future

      In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, the Marco Patriots have become a leading force here on Marco Island, organizing widespread hurricane relief efforts. With generous contributions made by people concerned about the Marco Island community and other areas ravaged by the hurricane, the Patriots group gathered and distributed those efforts to the people in need in Florida […]

Greater Marco YMCA Debuts Expanded Fitness and Welcome Center

The Greater Marco Family YMCA’s newly expanded fitness and welcome center has officially opened for business. The Y celebrated the expansion with a symbolic ribbon cutting ceremony, afterwards offering tours of the new digs. Cindy Love, Marco Island YMCA CEO, says that the expansion will provide a more accessible entry to the Y’s campus. By the end of 2018, the […]

MISPS Change of Watch

The Marco Island Sail & Power Squadron (MISPS), the local chapter of America’s Boating Club, celebrated its 40th Change of Watch at the Marco Island Yacht Club. Outgoing Commander Rhonda Gloodt introduced District 22 Commander Susan Lomastro. Commander Lomastro congratulated the squadron for its awards for educational programs, community actions and vessel inspection programs. D/LT/C Ted Reiss was presented an […]

Souper Bowl VI Returns to Marco Island

They say that soup is good for the soul. Incidentally, soup is also great for fundraising. The Marco Island Chamber of Commerce’s sixth annual Souper Bowl returned last weekend, bringing with it gallons of piping hot soup and thousands of dollars in scholarship funds. “Of all the Chamber events, this is one of my favorites,” Marco Island Chamber of Commerce […]