Letter to the Editor: Disappointed

Councilors Reed, Batte and Brown wanted to have our current Interim City Manager, Gill Polanco, given equal consideration for our City Manger position along with the candidates provided by our search consultant. And, even the search consultant felt Mr. Polanco was a viable candidate. But, the majority of City Council decided to follow procedure and decided not to do so […]

Letter to the Editor: Open Letter to Councilor Jared Grifoni

Councilor Jared Grifoni: You strike me as a bright, young, ambitious lawyer-turned-politician. However, your guest commentary demanding citizen support for replacing the current County’s ambulance service with a similar City-owned service, (COCPN- Support the city’s efforts. 20 October 2017) is worrisome in that you focused more on insinuations and emotion rather than on informative, substantiated pro AND con facts. The […]

Letter to the Editor: Selection of City Manager

I recently had the opportunity to review a one minute and 30 sec. clip from the October 18th special council meeting of the Marco Island city council. The council members were to review the finalist resumes for a city manager. Two members, councilmen Brown and Batte did not participate. One stating he did not have time to review the resume the other, although […]