Letter to the Editor: Frank Lenzi

Re: The Marco Island proposed Rental Ordinance Reconsideration Apples, Oranges, Lions and Tigers and Bears. What do they have in common? Everything, according to a few Marco Island City Councilors that are proposing to once again reconsider Condominiums in the proposed rental ordinance. Single family detached homes and Multi unit Condominiums. These are two different animals! 1) Condominiums have rules […]

Letter to the Editor: Rod Thole

It’s a Matter of Trust. With the outbreak of emails, and letters again being sent to Marco Island City Councilors, on “reconsideration” of the rental ordinance, it becomes abundantly clear that the Council is again breaking trust with the electorate. The matter of exempting condominiums was debated over many months. Deliberations occurred with considerable input of the citizenry. Condominium owners […]

Letter to the Editor: Michael Memoli

Dear Council Member I am writing you to express my concerns with the Marco Island Rental Ordinance, currently before the City Council, which would include condominiums in the new regulations. I am an owner of a condominium on Marco Island and believe this ordinance will have negative, far reaching effects on the City of Marco Island and its property owners […]

Letter to the Editor: Dr Wm. & Kimberly Harris

Once again the city of Marco Committee Members are trying to penalize those of is that own property & do properly maintain their property & inform our renters of the ordinances of the City of Marco. There are a few individuals that do not inform their renters of these ordinances & do not properly maintain their property.  For this they […]

Letter to the Editor: Robert Nead

Dear Council Members: As Manager of Cozumel Condominium at Cape Marco I would like to present our strong opposition to the proposed Rental Ordinance. Cozumel Condominium requires rentals to be minimum of 90 days which instills a sense of ownership in our renters; many of whom return year after year and have never been a problem. Also most condominiums on […]