Gender and the Performing Arts

Artful Life Tara O’Neill Everytime I sit down to write about gender in relationship to the arts, I get so bogged down in the enormity of the topic that I eventually give up altogether. But the subject means a great deal to me, so perhaps if I can succeed in addressing only specific aspects one column at a time […]

This Is The Story Of A Happy Marriage

BOOK REMARKS Maggie Gust There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.” ~ Joseph Brodsky By Ann Patchett 306 pages, Harper-Collins 2013 The title is deceptive. This Is The Story Of A Happy Marriage is a collection of essays about Ann Patchett’s life — not “simply” about her happy marriage. The road to […]

Make Juice, Not War

FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Now that we are into full-fledged New Year’s mode, no doubt your gym is overridden with sweatband-sporting enthusiasts, and your local grocery store is jam-packed tighter than a woman in Spanx. What you may also be taking notice of is an ever-increasing interest in juicing. Many things probably come to mind whenever you think of juicing: […]

Mountain Pose: Tad asana (tah-dahs-anna)

Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell Mountain pose is a standing pose and starting pose for many other poses commonly practiced in yoga sessions. You are standing strong and tall as the name suggests, unwavering and focused in the present. It represents a strong foundation, and is full of power and meaning when taken and used to stabilize not only […]

How Did We Get Here?

Stepping Stones Bob McConville Over the past few months I’ve had the honor to tell you about a variety of habitats and wildlife that thrive throughout our magnificent state. Florida has such a unique and varied ecosystem that supports our plants and animals, and with the exception of our northern border, we are completely surrounded by water. Whether it be freshwater […]

2014 Christmas Bird Count

PROTECTING & PRESERVING Nancy Richie Each winter, the National Audubon Society holds their annual nationwide Christmas Bird Count. This is 114th year that thousands of volunteers armed with binoculars, field guides and bird lists from all over the country get out in their neighborhoods, local parks and natural areas to document each and every bird they see and hear in […]

The Black Mountains and Bay of Kotor

SPEAKING OF TRAVEL Vickie Kelber In the Middle Ages, the area now known as Montenegro was referred to as Crna Gora; the country’s official name today is Republika Crna Gora, which translates as “Black Mountain.” The name Montenegro, also meaning black mountain, is Venetian in origin. Unlike the interior and its neighboring countries, the coastal region of Montenegro was never […]

Preparation, Key to Success, Comfort, Safety

LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink Among the characteristics most all successful anglers possess is that of proper preparation for a day of fishing. Preparation involves things like the selection of a fishing location, tackle and bait requirements, targeting specific species, awareness of tidal exchange and weather, as well as packing proper clothing and gear. When these factors are carefully […]

Fishing in February

FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps During February, we will generally experience some small changes from January’s wind and cold fronts. We will still experience cold fronts, but they are usually a little less powerful. The water temperatures will remain about the same as January, hovering in the low- to mid-60’s. Daytime air temperatures will average about 52-76 degrees. Keep […]

Get Your Kicks on the Route to 66

Ask The CFP® Practitioner Darcie Guerin “The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off.” Abe Lemons, American Basketball Coach, 1922-2002 Question: My husband is in his early sixties and I am in my late fifties. We are looking forward to retirement in a few years. What should we be thinking about now, before we stop working? Answer: […]