Goodbye to Summer

SOUTHERN SKIES By Mike P. Usher The rainy season is finally over! The unrelenting clouds made it very difficult to do any stargazing this summer; but we can finally see stars at a reasonable hour so we are rolling back the clock on the charts to 9PM. Tonight is one of the last chances to see a few summer […]

Most tennis matches are only 10 minutes!

READ MY TIPS Doug Browne Wow! Stu Woo of the Wall Street Journal just wrote one of the most provocative tennis articles titled, “How much tennis is played during a match?” Woo offers, “To add it up, we started the clock the moment the ball left a player’s hand for a serve, then stopped it the instant the ball hit […]

Piracy and Heroism

REEL REVIEWS By Monte Lazarus “Captain Phillips” starts quietly enough. Captain Rich Phillips (Tom Hanks) and his wife (Catherine Keener) leave their Vermont home one morning. The Captain is off to Oman where he will take charge of a freighter, the Maersk Alabama, destination Kenya. The ship carries various goods, including relief supplies for those suffering in Africa. Phillips […]

Autumn Colors in Southwest Florida

PLANT TALK Mike Malloy Fall, also known as football season, has arrived. And that means some of the best weather of the year is right around the corner for South Florida. “Chamber of Commerce” weather, as we like to call it in Naples. While our friends and relatives up north are battening down the hatches in anticipation of winter, […]

Letting go to move on

Artful Life Tara O’Neill I am often asked about how professional artists are able to let go of their creations and if there is great difficulty in the act of releasing the products of one’s imagination. The work of the soul, so to speak. My response, for me personally, is always a healthy and hearty, “heck no!” And, while I’m […]

In gold we trust?

ALL THAT GLITTERS Richard Alan In gold we trust? Don’t get the wrong impression; I’m not about to give you a stock market tip that will change your life forever. But recently something very strange has been going on. Gold has begun to fall out of favor from the very souls who caused it to soar to unimaginable costs in […]

November Fishing in the 10,000 Islands

FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps Finally our first true Fall month is here! November is one of my absolute favorite months here in the Ten Thousand Islands and the reasons are numerous. I could go on forever describing them, but some of the highlights are…. 1) Mild weather patterns with little rain and light winds, 2) Fish are actively […]

Bazaars, Fairs and Festivals

GOODLAND LIFE Natalie Strom Tis the season! I’m not just talking about the holidays, either. It is officially November and traffic has officially increased throughout Southwest Florida. As snowbirds and vacationers stake their claim of paradise, paradise puts on shows to entertain them. Goodland, my little piece of paradise, is already getting into the season by way of the Goodland […]


BOOK REMARKS Maggie Gust By Alice McDermott Farrar, Straus, and Giroux 2013 288 pages If you have time to read only one novel during the upcoming end-of-the-year hectic holiday season, I urge you to consider Someone by Alice McDermott. She is back after a 7-year absence. For those of you who unfamiliar with Alice McDermott, she won the National Book […]

Questions on Social Security & Divorce

Ask The CFP® Pract itioner Darcie Guerin “The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes.” Frank Lloyd Wright (1869-1959) Question: I’m divorced, can I claim benefits based on the earnings of my ex-spouse? Answer: There are a number of factors to examine before determining the answer. If your marriage lasted 10 years or more, you are age 62 or older, […]